XtraView settings on Explora

In any XtraView connection, the primary decoder has to be a DStv Explora. Many installers and Multichoice too advise this because it is a modern decoder and can draw better signals. It will also transmit enough signals to the secondary decoders to ensure you always have a good picture quality. When you encounter any signal problems, you can now fix them thanks to XtraView settings on Explora.

What are the major challenges you will encounter in XtraView settings on Explora?

In an XtraView connection, the most likely challenge you will encounter is poor signal transfer to other secondary decoders. Your Explora might be getting a strong signal, but some errors in connection can make it hard for other decoders to get a strong signal.

Xtraview settings on Explora

One or two of the other decoders can begin showing poor picture quality. These challenges will give you a bad viewing experience, and learning how to correct them using the Xtraview settings on Explora will ensure you get the most from the connection.

Errors displayed on your screen

Errors displayed on your screen

When there is a poor connection, your DStv Explora will display specific error messages depending on the type of error. This too applies when you make Xtraview settings on Explora, and it will happen on the secondary decoders.

If they aren’t getting a strong signal, they will display it, and you will have to navigate through the settings and fix it. With Xtraview settings on Explora, it is made simpler and more convenient for you.

Correcting signal problems using Xtraview

When fixing a signal problem using ExtraView settings on Explora, first run a signal test. The primary decoder should show a signal strength above 75 to connect well to other secondary decoders. It will also show you the signal strength of the secondary decoders, and once you know the specific decoder with a problem, you can fix it.

Correcting signal problems using Xtraview

Another important step when performing Xtraview on Explora, is always to ensure your heartbeat cables are connected properly. Since they are responsible for signal transmission, there will be no signal in your secondary decoders if you connect them wrong.

There are many other ways to correct DStv signal problems using Xtraview settings on Explora, and they are simple and convenient. You can perform these changes whenever you need to and get the most from them.

DStv signal problems using Xtraview settings on Explora