What is a DStv XtraView 3 decoders setup diagram?

A DStv XtraView 3 decoders setup diagram is a guide that takes you through the entire process when you want to connect three decoders in an extra view setting. A setup diagram will make it easier by pointing out all the items you need in the setup. The setup process is very technical, and you have to follow it closely to ensure you do it correctly.

DStv xtraview 3 decoders setup diagram

What decoders do you need to connect three decoders in the setup?

Although Extra View allows you to connect up to three decoders, you will learn from the setup diagram that you need specific decoders to achieve this. In your setup, you must have a DStv Explora decoder as your primary decoder. It has better connectivity and can receive signals faster and better.

You can also choose to make your extra view connection using three HD decoders. They are slightly new and will work better compared to other older model decoders. Once you have the right decoders, you can proceed to make your XtraView connection.

How to connect three decoders in an Extra View connection

connect three decoders in the setup

The DStv XtraView 3 decoders setup diagram shows that the three decoders will be linked together using an SLNB device. It will distribute a signal from the primary decoders to the rest of the decoders in your setup. You can easily identify it thanks to the DStv diagram you use for the installation process.

DStv diagram

If any of your decoders lacks an RF port, you won’t have to worry about that. The decoders should be connected to separate bands from the SLNB. It will ensure you don’t suffer from band conflicts which can cause a poor signal reception. The settings for this are on the quick setup menu on your primary decoder.

poor signal reception

Select the rest of the decoders in your connection as they appear on your primary decoder. They will begin receiving a signal, and you can now watch them.

It will make it easier for you to complete this setup yourself and more conveniently.