DStv Explora keeps rebooting 2020 is an error that many DStv users have been experiencing in 2020. It causes your decoder to reboot several times, often without your instruction. It will interfere with your watching experience and makes it impossible to watch any live TV. Fixing this problem will go a long way in improving your watching experience, but you must first identify its causes.

DStv Explora keeps rebooting 2020

What causes DStv Explora keeps rebooting?

The DStv Explora keeps rebooting 2020 error is mostly caused by system-related problems. If you have updated your DStvExplora software recently, you are likely to experience this problem. It comes when you upgrade the software using the wrong website or in the wrong way.

It can also happen when your decoder’s hard drive is corrupt. This, too, can happen during software updates or when you plug in an infected drive into your DStv Explora decoder.

How can you identify the rebooting 2020 error?

The DStv Explora keeps rebooting 2020 is simple to identify as it is unique. It happens when your decoder begins restarting itself without you initiating it. It will happen several times in a short while, and you will be unable to stop it. When you are getting the Explora keeps rebooting error, your screen will not display anything, and it will be impossible to view any channels on the decoder.

How can you fix the DStv Explora keeps rebooting 2020 error?

The most convenient way to fix the rebooting 2020 error is by formatting the hard drive. It will delete all the data in it, including all its corrupt files, and you can make new installations. You must know how to navigate through the DStv menu for this process.

DStv Explora keeps rebooting 2020

First, press and hold the power button until the decoder goes completely off. Now press and hold the P+ button until the words “CODE” appears on the screen. Follow the prompts that will follow until you get to the option to format your decoder. Accept, and the process will begin. It will take a while, and all the data on your decoder will be wiped off.

This will also clear the DStv 2020 error, and you can begin enjoying live TV. This has been a common problem in 2020, and having its solution will save you a lot of time.