A DStv decoder is an electronic device, and like many of them, it gets damaged. One of its most vulnerable components is the DStv Explora hard drive. When it is damaged, you need to replace it. Knowing when to perform a DStv Explora hard drive replacement will be beneficial towards a better viewing experience.

DStv Explora Hard Drive Replacement

What causes the need for hard drive replacement?

The DStv Explora hard drive gives you more control over your watching experience. You can pause live tv when you need to or record your favourite shows to watch later. It is thus exposed to a lot of risk of damage. You will need a drive replacement when your decoder gets infected with malware.

It often comes in when you connect an infected drive to your decoder or when you make an incorrect update. They will make your DStv decoder less effective, and you will experience poor signal errors often. Another need for DStv Explora hard drive replacement comes when the satellite is short-circuited.

It often happens when there is a big fluctuation of power and will damage your Explora decoder and most of its components, such as the hard drive. You will thus need to perform DStv Explora hard drive replacement.

Why do you need DStv Explora hard drive replacement?

DStv Explora replacement is a technical process, and you can hire an accredited technician to assist you with it. You can do it yourself if you have the right tools. You will need a screwdriver and a new hard drive to replace it. Get the hard drive from an accredited installer to ensure you have the right one.

DStv Explora Hard Drive Replacement

Open up the screws at the bottom of your DStv Explora decoder to reveal its internals. It is simple to locate the hard drive since it is marked, and you can proceed with the DStv Explora replacement. Unscrew it off the system and disconnect it before removing this damaged hard drive.

Put in the new hard drive in place of the one removed and reconnect all the necessary cables. Now screw back all screws and reboot the decoder. It will take a while to become responsive, and you will need to be patient.

  • This is how to conveniently perform DStv replacement.


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Can DStv Explora work without a hard drive?

Yes it can, but with no PVR functionalities

What to do if your DStv Explora hard drive not detected?

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What is the DStv Explora hard drive size?

The latest Explora 3 have a 1TB Hard drive