How to install DStv Dish without a meter? – Dish Alignment

DStv installation offers a great learning opportunity if you are a DIY enthusiast. You don’t have to sit back while a professional makes your dish installation, and you can save some money. The lack of the required tools is a major problem for many people, especially the signal meter. If you don’t have a signal meter, you can still make your installation with this how to install DStv dish without meter guide.

How to install DStv dish without meter?

Why should you know how to install DStv dish without a meter?

You can easily identify where to set up your satellite dish even without a meter.

  1. It should be an elevated area with no buildings or trees to block your signal.
  2. The area should be facing the east and should have an area where your base mount will be firmly in place when you set it up.
  3. Make four holes in the wall with your cement drill and firmly install the satellite dish.

The next step on how to install DStv dish without meter is cable setup.

  1. Run all the needed cables from your decoder to the satellite dish to ensure they are long enough.
  2. Once you have made sure of this, you can now connect the smart LNB to connecting your cables.
  3. Make all the necessary connections and proceed to run the installation wizard.

How to install DStv dish without meter?

Completing the Dish Installation without a meter

Since you made the installation without a meter, your signal level is likely to be too low. You can now proceed to the final step of how to install DStv dish without meter, realigning the dish.

  • There are markings on the dish that will guide you through the correct elevation even without a meter.
  • You can also observe the direction most decoders are facing since professionals install them.
  • This should also be the direction yours should be facing, and since it is the east, installing during sunrise will help you with direction.

The smart LNB should face the right side, and you can get the precise elevation at half-past four o’clock on your watch.

This method ensures you get the correct angle. This is how to install DStv dish without meter, and you can easily complete the setup without the tools.