How to connect DStv Extra View?

An extra view connection is a convenient way to watch DStv. Firstly, it allows you to get the most from your subscription without getting new decoders. Furthermore, this makes how to connect DStv extra view important as you can now have multiple independent decoders.

Importantly, they will all be linked to a primary decoder, and you don’t need multiple subscriptions. Indeed, our company has the right experts to handle your installation needs.

How to connect DStv extra view

Which is the right decoder for extra view connection?

If you don’t know how to connect DStv extra view, getting the right decoder is hard. For this, you can get help from our installation experts. Firstly, they will guide you on the right primary and secondary decoders to use for your connection.

Also, you need to have a DStv Explora decoder for your primary decoder. It has strong signal reception and will work well.

Secondly, our team will also help you with the correct secondary decoders in how to connect DStv extra view. Here, you can use any previous model decoders you have. Thirdly, they will get a signal from the smart LNB or the primary decoder, depending on the number of decoders you use. Finally, our company will also give you the best deals on these decoders for the extra view setup.

It will save you some money and get you a stable connection.

Connecting the primary and secondary decoders

Once you have all the right items for how to connect DStv extra view, we will proceed to installation.

  • First, the team will use a heartbeat cable to connect the decoders together.
  • Secondly, we will also test the signal reception in all your decoders to ensure they are working well.
  • Finally, our cable connection will also be done correctly, and you can begin to enjoy your shows.

How to connect DStv extra view

You can now reach out to our team through WhatsApp or call us.

Our professionals will be ready to help you. It will be complete in no time.

Indeed, we are a reliable option for you.