DStv Issues – How to Fix Dstv Problems

If you are a regular DStv user, you have likely encountered some of the common DStv issues. These are problems that happen a lot and interfere with your viewing experience. Once you know how to handle all these problems, you can go back to having a good viewing experience. This is what causes these DStv issues and how you can fix them.

DStv Issues

DStv and where your satellite is poorly aligned

One of these DStv issues is a misaligned satellite dish in installation. This is a major issue and will interfere with the signal reception on your decoder. Since the signal will be poor, you won’t be able to view anything on the decoder. These DStv issues are caused by poor weather or strong winds that cause the dish to face in the wrong direction.

When you have these DStv issues, you will have to change the position of your satellite. Ensure it is facing in the right direction and hold it firmly using screws. Once the dish is firmly in place, you don’t have to worry about poor picture quality anymore.

The DStv decoder is not receiving any signal?

Poor signal problems are another major DStv problems that many viewers encounter every day. When your decoder isn’t getting a strong signal, it will bring up the error message, and the picture quality will drop. It might even fail to show any programs, and this can be very annoying.

DStv will require you to perform DStv resets for software corrections. If these poor signals on DStv are from a corrupt software update, they will get fixed when you reset your decoder. You also have to check whether it is a hardware problem by going through your DStv connection.

DStv Issues

Check to ensure none of the cables in your connection is broken and that they are all transmitting heartbeat signals at the correct intervals. If the cable is cut, you can get a new one from an accredited DStv installer, and  DStv will be corrected.

The DStv decoder software is outdated – DStv Issues

Lastly, if you are using a DStv Explora decoder, you will encounter these issues. They will make it difficult to access any channels, and your decoder will produce poor pictures. In conclusion, you can correct these DStv Problems by connecting your satellite dish to the internet and making the necessary updates.