Why get Dual View Decoder?

If you are a beginner, it can be hard to understand what a dual view decoder is.

Dual view is one of the most convenient features you get when you purchase a DStv decoder. Ever since Multichoice introduced it, more people are enjoying the great convenience it has to offer. The benefits of dual view have also seen the number of DStv users increase.  Our guide will help you through.

Why get Dual View Decoder

What is a dual view decoder?

A dual view decoder is a convenient way for Multichoice to link more decoders to your account. You can use more decoders around your house and connect them to different TVs. All this without buying a new DStv subscription for each of them. Now everyone in your house can watch all their favourite shows or record them on different decoders uninterrupted.

How does the decoder work?

How does the decoder work

Indeed, dual view works by linking one decoder to others and transferring a signal to them. When other decoders are connected, they will be using a similar subscription. The channels available will be similar on all of them.

The main dual view DStv decoder is called the primary decoder. It is responsible for transferring the signal to the rest. It is advised to use an Explora decoder in this position on your connection. The other decoders are called secondary decoders. They can be connected to different viewing points using appropriate cables. These decoders will receive signals every 90 seconds. Ensuring they are always at par and have good picture quality.

Dual View Decoder

What is the benefit of having this?

What is the benefit of having dual view

Furthermore, a dual view allows you to get the most from your DStv subscription. When you link all these decoders, you can watch your favourite channels from different viewing points. A decoder is also very economical because you won’t have to purchase multiple DStv subscriptions.

Lastly, all you need is to get extra decoders, and you can make the connection on your own since connecting a decoder is very simple. Creating a dual view connection will make your viewing experience a lot better.