A DStv signal detector is a tool from Multichoice that helps you identify the direction with the strongest signal. It comes in handy when installing your satellite dish. It will ensure you do it correctly. If you are setting up the DStv system yourself, getting a signal detector makes it simpler. It is also relatively cheap, and you can still use it for future satellite installations.

DStv Signal Detector

What is the benefit of using a detector?

The DStv signal detector uses the deflection method to identify the changes in signal strength. These are easy to spot. Since they happen immediately, you won’t experience any lag. You can thus set up your satellite dish conveniently and accurately.

It will also help you align your satellite dish in the perfect direction and at the correct angle. Another benefit of using a  signal detector is that its performance is not affected by the weather. You can install your satellite dish in poor weather and still do it correctly with this tool.

How to use a DStv signal detector

Ensure your decoder is locked on channel 100 before you begin. This helps to better monitor and prevent shifting as the signal strength changes. The smart LNB should also be held in a horizontal position to prevent polarization.

What is a DStv signal detector?

The detector is very sensitive. It will be affected by any slight changes in signal strength. There are two sockets on the DStv signal detector marked LNB and Recorder. These need to be attached to their corresponding cables.

DStv Signal Detector

Turn the knob measuring sensitivity down. This ensures it doesn’t pick up incorrect signals. As you realign the satellite dish, the indicator on the DStv detector will keep fluctuating. It will also give out a beep as these changes continue to occur. When the satellite faces the direction with the strongest signal, the detector will have its maximum reading.

You can now tighten your satellite dish in this position and disconnect the detector. With its help, you never have to worry about poor signal error messages and low picture quality as you watch your shows. It is a very convenient tool to have during installation.