Want DStv 5U Decoder Extra View Setup?

Before you answer that, you first need to understand a DStv 5U decoder extra view setup. Extra View is a new and convenient way to get the most from your DStv subscription. Instead of getting multiple decoders and new subscriptions for all the TVs in your house, you can use ExtraView.

  • It allows you to link the decoders to one primary decoder.

Do you need a DStv 5U decoder extra view setup?

DStv 5U decoder extra view Setup

What is the DStv Setup price?

Multichoice has tried to keep the prices for a  5U decoder Extra View set-up as low as possible. One of the ways is by allowing you to add any decoder model to the setup. You will not incur additional expenses getting new decoders, making it very affordable.

You will also pay for every extra decoder in your DStv setup.

  • They only allow a maximum of two additional decoders in your connection.
  • Access Fee is R105 per month per additional Decoder

How to connect decoders in a DStv installation?

All the decoders in your Extra View setup must get a strong signal to ensure good picture and audio quality. First, connect all the cables in the 5U decoder extra view setup to the smart LNB through the unicable ports.

Once connected to the LNB, link these decoders using the heartbeat cable. It sends a signal from the primary decoder to the secondary one every two minutes.

When the extra view setup is done correctly, all the decoders will get a signal. Otherwise, they will display the E143 error on the screen.

DStv 5U decoder extra view Setup

How do you activate the DStv 5U?

The DStv setup activation is the final step in your XtraView connection. First, tune in to channel 100 on all your decoders. It helps to show whether the connection was correct. When they receive a signal, the channel will begin displaying, and you can run the installation wizard on the decoders.

You can also contact Multichoice to activate your connection. They will look into the number of decoders you have, and once you pay, it is activated.

  • Completing the Decoder extra view setup is now simpler.