Many people find it quite challenging to pay monthly subscriptions for TV. Indeed, it can b quite hard to keep up, and your service will be suspended until you pay. There is, however, a simple alternative to this. You can now get the free OVHD installation for your home. Importantly, you won’t have to pay monthly, and once your installation is complete, you are well sorted. It has thus ensured more people can watch their favorite shows uninterrupted.

OVHD installation


Do we offer OVHD installation anywhere in South Africa?

OVHD installations are available countrywide. It is now easier to find the right company as you can reach out to our team. We offer purchase and installation services. Indeed, we will have your system set up and working as well as it should. Our prices for OVHD installation are the best in the country, and we have deals available year-round. Indeed, we will have your setup working in no time.

You can get our services whenever you need them. For OVHD installations, call or write to us on WhatsApp. Importantly, we will have an expert ready to handle all your concerns. Indeed, you can now make huge savings during the installation process. Get in touch with our team for the best results on your installation.

The OVHD installation package

You will get everything you need when you purchase them from our company. In addition, all our technicians are accredited for installation services. Indeed, they will ensure you have the right items fr the installation service. Here are the items you get on purchase;

#1. Decoder

You will receive an HD decoder for installation. It is quite good and offers impressive picture quality. In addition, you can record your favorite shows using the OVHD USB stick on the decoder. It allows for up to 160 minutes of HD content. In addition, the decoder offers numerous connectivity options. You can thus plug in various multimedia devices and stream on them. The OVHD installation also offers an RCA output if you are using an analog TV.

#2. OVHD satellite dish

The satellite dish is vital in your installation. It ensures your decoder is receiving a strong signal and that you have proper picture quality. You should thus ensure to get the right satellite dish diameter for OVHD installation. Our experts will help you work out the right model for you. Indeed, you are sure to get high-definition pictures and a smooth viewing experience.

In addition, you will also receive a wall-mount and cement screws to hold it in place. It will come in handy during strong weather to ensure your dish remains firmly in place. Furthermore, you will get a smart LNB device for proper picture transfer. Indeed, you can choose to add several viewing points depending on your smart LNB. We will also help you make this decision.

How long does OVHD installation  take?

Our OVHD installations team will be sure to take the least time during installation. Indeed, you will have your setup complete and working in less than an hour. This sets us apart from other installers and speaks to the quality of installation we offer. You will thus get to work with our professionals and get the best installation in the shortest time.

Cable connections are also an important part of OVHD installation. Importantly, they have to be connected well for the best picture quality. Our team will help you with this by getting the right coaxial cable. In addition, we will ensure it is of the right length for the installation. It ensures it lasts longer and that you don’t have to tag on it as this could interfere with your connection. We have the right experts for every step of the process. We are available for the installations countrywide if you have OVHD no signal click here.

OVHD installation

Which channels are available on OVHD?

The OVHD installation offers over 20 free local and international channels. They range from news channels such as France 24 to sports channels such as SABC Sport. In addition, you can also watch your favorite movie channels such as e movies extra and many more. OVHD offers an entertaining experience, and you don’t have to make monthly payments. In conclusion, you can get the OVHD installation from our team at the best prices.