Open view is a new and convenient way to enjoy your viewing without making any monthly payments. It offers a convenient replacement if you don’t want a DStv installation. Indeed, you are sure to get an elevated watching experience. Our company offers open view installation countrywide and at the best prices! We have professionals ready to assist you throughout the process.

Open View Installation Countrywide @ the Lowest Prices!

Open View Installation

What will you need for the installation?

Getting an open view installation is fast and simple. You, however, need to have all the items needed for a smooth process. You can now get all the items needed from our company at the best deals. Importantly, you will get good quality items that will last you for a longer time. Firstly, we will get you the right diameter satellite dish for the installation.

Indeed, it will ensure you receive proper signal and thus a good picture quality. Secondly, we will get you strong wall brackets for the installation. Importantly, they will hold the satellite dish in place throughout tough weather. Indeed, you won’t need realignment for a long time.

Thirdly, we will also get you a smart LNB for the connection. It will thus ensure proper signal transmission. In addition, it will come in handy when you need an xtraview connection. We will thus ensure you are well connected and that you have all the vital parts of the setup.

Finally, we will get you the proper cables for your installation. In addition, our open view installation team will ensure they are long enough. Indeed, it will ensure they last longer and that you get a proper signal reception.

Open View Installation


Our open view team offers deals countrywide for all open view connections. In addition, the deals are available year-round. You can thus make huge savings by working with our reliable team. We will thus have you covered throughout the process.

You can also contact us through calls or on WhatsApp for deals. Our experts will help you get one that saves you the most. In conclusion, we are your best option for open view prices.