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Firstly, it is easier to find all the information about surveillance cameras. You can find many of them in the local market and online. Speak to us before your order CCTV direct, you will save money and installation will be fast. However, before purchasing your security system, you should know some basic things about CCTV.

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Should your CCTV cameras be hidden or visible? CCTV Company has the answers

Secondly, if your Hikvision camera needs to be placed above the window or door, where it can be approached, try to keep it discreet. But, if you are mounting it high on a wall, it can be visible too. Dome cameras and PTZ cameras are ideal when you need to conceal your security system. They are hardly noticeable, and they can easily monitor a large area. On the other hand, box cameras are large and can be easily spotted. It’s essential to mount them higher and save them from thieves. They will remain a threat for the intruders either way.

How to decide what to use indoors and outdoors

Thirdly, the cameras you are planning to install outside should be protected from weather and thieves. Decide the location first, and then you need to decide the appropriate shape according to that. Find the CCTV Company, and you will get plenty of options. Similarly, decide the spots for your cameras inside the house. They should be away from the water and steam coming from your kitchen. No matter you use Hikvision DVR or a Dauha camera, these precautions are right for every camera.

Is light necessary for the proper working of the camera

Furthermore, some people buy whatever security camera for sale is available. They don’t consider the light factor and fail to get the required results. You need to understand that proper light is responsible for the exact image. If you are mounting the camera, where a light source is available round the clock, you can buy 8 channel DVR or 16 channel DVR, or any other camera. But as you know, light is not consistent throughout the day and night. So, it’s better to go for the infrared-powered camera, which can work accurately during the day and night.

What is the importance of image clarity

Moreover, image clarity is vital as the faces of the people must be visible. You can use an IP camera or any IP wireless camera. If you need to monitor a large area, choose a high-resolution camera. However, if you are installing it inside the house, you can choose a low resolution. CCTV monitors should be connected appropriately for proper monitoring.


Should the camera have audio as well

Finally, when it comes to CCTV installations, audio is not very important. You may choose hikvision 16 channel DVR or a wireless CCTV camera without any audio aid. In addition, most of the cameras do not have audio. But some cameras have an alarm with them. When they recognize any suspicious activity, they ring the alarm, and the intruders leave the place.
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