Firstly, closed-circuit television, commonly known as CCTV, has become very common these days. It is playing a crucial role in enhancing the security of premises in Johannesburg. You are at the right place if you are worried about the security of your property and looking for a reliable CCTV camera installer. We are CCTV installers Johannesburg, the most popular and respected name in the field of surveillance equipment sale and installation.

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In times when the city of Johannesburg is facing a big problem in the shape of increased instances of burglaries and petty crimes, CCTV camera has become a handy appliance. Technology has moved ahead in leaps and bounds in CCTV. Today, these cameras have become very advanced, and their prices have also come down significantly. CCTV installers Johannesburg has remained at the forefront of this revolution.

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Secondly, many companies in Johannesburg are selling video surveillance equipment, including cameras, cables, DVR, CCTV monitors, and other products. But CCTV camera cameras for sale are one thing, and their proper installation is an altogether different thing.

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Furthermore, at CCTV installers Johannesburg, we have a team of talented and experienced technicians having complete knowledge about CCTV cameras and equipment. CCTV installations become smooth and hassle-free because of the knowledge and experience of these technicians.

Our technicians are passionate about the safety and security of the client as much as he is. It is because of this reason they pay attention to detail during CCTV installations. They fulfil the surveillance requirements of the customer using minimum numbers of cameras and complete installation within his budget.

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Thirdly, when it is the question of the safety and security of loved ones, no individual can afford to make compromises with quality. At CCTV installers Johannesburg, we realize the importance of high-quality cameras and related equipment. You can order CCTV Direct from us.

You will find a massive variety of CCTV cameras for sale on the website of CCTV installers Johannesburg. Some of the most popular brands sold by us are Dahua camera, Hikvision camera, hikvision dvr, hikvision 16 channel DVR, and PTZ camera. There are all sorts of cameras like IP camera wireless, dome camera, and surveillance cameras.

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IP Camera giving competition to CCTV camera

Finally, everyone has heard and even seen CCTV cameras. They can be seen everywhere from government and private offices to homes in Johannesburg There is a lot of buzz surrounding IP cameras these days.

Internet Protocol camera is renowned for higher coverage and higher resolution videos. It is the reason why more and more customers are making queries about these cameras, particularly IP camera wireless.

The IP camera does away with the requirement of recording equipment like a DVR.  CCTV installers in Johannesburg are not only selling but also installing these IP cameras on the premises of its customers.

Please contact us to get the same high-quality and professional services that you get in the field of security and surveillance.