Firstly, CCTV installers Port Elizabeth is an expert in the field of CCTV. Our camera installations can be seen in all markets, parking lots, public places, and outside homes. The popularity of our CCTV installations is increasing. In case of any incident, they help the law enforcement agency to recognize and catch the criminals. So, people in Port Elizabeth order CCTV direct from us.

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Before you start looking for CCTV cameras for sale, you need to understand a CCTV system and its types. Once you have this necessary information. You will be able to buy the best surveillance cameras and get us to install them. CCTV installers Port Elizabeth offers the BEST pricing on all CCTV-related products and services.  WhatsApp us and let our professional sales team handle the rest.

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Secondly, CCTV, or close circuit television, is a system that comprises cameras and monitors. Cameras record the video and transmit it to the CCTV monitor, to which it’s connected. CCTV installers Port Elizabeth is used for security and surveillance.

CCTV or wireless CCTV camera is used for security. They are also used to monitor traffic, monitor animals in zoos, and keep an eye on the workers. Hikvision camera, Dauha camera, and many other companies are making the right quality security equipment.

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Types of CCTV systems

IP cameras, Analog cameras, and wireless cameras are some types of CCTV systems. All of these are different in their functions.

IP camera
Moreover, an IP camera is usually connected with a video recorder through an Ethernet cable. When it is in working condition. It can be accessed using the camera’s IP address. That is why; it’s called an IP camera. You will need an IP address and password to access the video it is recording. It is useful for those property owners who are away from their property. Parents also install these IP cameras wireless at home. When they leave their kids with a babysitter. However, they do not show videos in real-time. As a video is transmitted through the internet, you can see a slight delay in video transmission.

Analog cameras
Analog cameras are connected and with the CCTV monitor through a cable. Images are transferred in real-time as they are transmitted directly to the monitor. Analog cameras are considered the oldest CCTV systems. Now, we have advance technology systems. Hikvisions DVR, PTZ camera, and dome camera are some popular options.

TVI is another type of analog camera, but they are high definition. Good resolutions result in better image quality. Importantly, cables attached to these cameras look unpleasant. Sometimes cause problems in installation. Hikvision 16 channel DVR, 8 channel DVR, or 16 channel DVR are commonly used.

Wireless cameras
Wireless security cameras for sale are available these days. They can be installed anywhere without cables. Hence, making them a preferred choice for every location, particularly outdoors.
In addition, wireless analog and wireless IP, both types of cameras are available. IP wireless analog cameras, signals can be quickly interrupted.

Furthermore, Standard household signals like smartphones and microwave ovens can disrupt the analog signals, causing a delay in the video. On the other hand, Wireless IP cameras are reliable. If Wi-Fi signals are stable, you will receive images without any interruption.


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