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Security concerns are forcing people to buy CCTV cameras. However, everyone is not well aware of the technology these surveillance cameras are using these days. You get so many options in stores, which makes decision-making even more difficult. We are discussing an essential aspect of these CCTV installations, which is the difference between Analogue cameras and IP cameras.

Foremost, it’s essential to understand that both types of cameras are available in all shapes and sizes. You can get a PTZ camera, a dome camera, and a bullet camera in both cameras. So, the style of the camera is a secondary thing.

The difference between IP cameras and analogue cameras @ CCTV South Africa

The difference between the analogue camera and IP camera is the transmission of video signals. The sensor in an analogue camera is CCD. The image is first digitized and then converted to analogue form, transmitted to your Hikvision DVR. In the case of IP cameras, sensors can be of two types, CCD or CMOS. The camera receives signals in analogue form and processes them on board before transmitting. The digital images are stored, either in-camera or on a video recorder or NVR. IP camera wireless does not require cables for signal transmission.

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When you order CCTV direct for your home, you need to understand that IP cameras do not operate well when light is low. These cameras provide clear images. On the other hand, analog cameras can work under any light—analog cameras, which can be a Dahua camera, provide real-time images. But IP cameras process them before transmission, so there is a delay.

Analog cameras are considered more secure when it comes to hacking. Wireless CCTV cameras can be easily hacked when it’s connected with the internet. You can find these CCTV cameras for sale and can ask about their features for confirmation.

When it comes to CCTV networks, the IP camera network can be unlimited. You can add as many cameras as you want. However, the analog camera network is limited. Hikvision 16 channel DVR and 8 channel DVR is what you have. 16 channel DVR is considered enough for the security of a large area.

Install your CCTV camera systems with CCTV South Africa

Plenty of security cameras for sale are available. IP cameras need internet signals, so Wi-Fi installations are required. They will work in the range of Wi-Fi signals only, which is usually 300 m to 400 m. on the other hand, analog cameras can transmit images to CCTV monitor even more than a mile away.

Your IP Hikvision camera will require technical knowledge of CCTV installation. But analog cameras are easy to install. For IP installation, hire a reputed company, this can do electric fencing and intercom installation.

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Another important aspect is the price of CCTV systems. IP cameras are expensive as compared to analog ones. The cost of large networks is higher. Analog cameras are a cheaper alternative. Chat to us for the great SAVINGS on our CCTV Specials. Our CCTV technicians are excited to install your CCTV cameras. WhatsApp or Call us right now to experience professional service!!