What is Dampproofing?

Dampproofing is any water-based treatment applied to a building, which helps prevent rising damp. Rising damp occurs when moisture in the ground rises up through the foundations of a building and into masonry walls.

This can cause staining and mould growth as well as damage to the structure of the building.


Damp proofing has been around for thousands of years with records from ancient Greece and Rome. They describe various treatments known as “damp-courses”.

In modern times damp proofing is used to treat buildings constructed on or below natural groundwater tables. Also, those built on land with high permeability. Damp-proofing is most commonly associated with older property built from brick or stone.

However, it is also widely used by builders and architects in new builds. It is also used on some modern properties with high permeability or where there is an issue with rising damp.

5 Benefits of Damp Proofing

There are many benefits of damp proofing including:

  1. Prevention of mould growth – preventing mould attacking surfaces and materials
  2. Prevention of damage to foundations and flooring – Mould and dampness can cause serious structural problems. If left untreated, it may affect the building’s stability and decrease its lifespan.
  3. Protection against wood rot – preventing this type of damp is very important. Rotting can seriously weaken a structure such as a wooden floor or stairs.
  4. Protection against frozen pipes. A building with wet walls may buckle and crack due to freezing temperatures. This can be prevented by proper preparation.
  5. To prevent odours – Dampproofing keeps out moisture and prevents the build-up of smells. This is very important for any areas where food is prepared or storage is necessary, such as basements and crawlspaces.

Damp Proofing

Our Damp Proofing Services

When it comes to damp proofing services, we take a flexible approach and deliver the solution that works best for you. No two properties are identical and so no two damp proofing solutions should be alike either.

That’s why we don’t stop at one method. We tailor your service to suit your exact needs. Indeed, we advise on how to prevent damp and deal with any problems in the future.

Why Choose our Damp Proofing Company?

There is a good reason why we are the leading damp proofing company in your area. Our extensive experience has taught us that the most important aspect of our business is our customer service.

Damp Proofing Company

7 Reasons To Use our Dampproofing Services

  1. Always available to answer your questions. We will come to give you a free survey at any time, even outside normal working hours if necessary.
  2. Pride ourselves on offering an exceptional level of customer service. We will do everything we can to make sure you are completely satisfied with our work.
  3. Our experience is to be able to complete the majority of our projects in one day.
  4. Highly trained in damp proofing and building restoration. We will ensure that every detail of your project is completed to the highest standards whilst maintaining a clean and tidy site. Your property will be back to its original condition when we leave.
  5. Our dedicated team will always go the extra mile for you. Don’t just take out word for it, take our free survey and see how far we’ll go for you!
  6. Guarantee all our work so you know you’re in safe hands!
  7. 100% Satisfaction

Best Damp Proofing Contractors

Unsure which damp proofing contractors you can depend on with your expensive property? Then you’re in luck! At our local damp proofing company, we are able to provide high-quality expertise and services.

Our team has decades of industry experience to draw from and we always get the best results for our clients. We pride ourselves on being the best dampproofing contractors and offer value for money.

Damp Proofing Edenvale

At Damp Proofing Edenvale we treat dampness as a serious issue that should be resolved by using our specialist solutions. We guarantee all of our services, making them perfect for residential and commercial Damp Proofing in Edenvale.

Damp Proofing Gauteng

We’re a professional team of employees that offer damp proofing solutions in Gauteng. Dampness and mould are stubborn problems, but we believe there is no job too big for our company to handle.

That’s why we work hard to solve any damp issues quickly and efficiently.

Damp Proofing North West

Indeed, Damp Proofing North West has the most experienced damp proofing specialists covering all areas of Noth West. All our experts are reliable and highly skilled, with many years experience.

We pride ourselves on offering a fast efficient service to all our customers. This makes us one of the main companies in the area.

Damp Proofing Randburg

Looking for professional Damp proofing in Randburg? Look no further. Our company is a reputable and trustworthy Damp proofing company. We specialise in coping with the problems caused by damp in your home or business premises.

Our staff are qualified and well trained, giving you peace of mind when we carry out services. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation. This will help us determine a solution to your damp problem, enabling us to design a customized and effective solution.

Damp Proofing Roodepoort

Let Roodepoort Damp Proofing protect your home in Roodepoort from dangerous moisture damage caused by rising damp walls.

We offer a wide range of services throughout Roodepoort. Indeed, we specialize in delivering exceptional solutions for damp, mould and other environmental problems.

Damp Proofing Specialists Cape Town

As Damp Proofing Specialists, we cover, Cape Town, Western Cape and all surrounding areas with this product.

If your home or business is affected or at risk of experiencing dampness within walls, floors or roofs, we can offer you a solution.

Methods of Damp Proofing

  • Traditionally, rising damp has been treated by using limewash – a mix of water, slaked lime and sand. This is mixed into a paint-like consistency and then applied to the affected areas. Slaked lime acts as an irritant to prevent moisture from passing through walls. The greater the amount of slaked lime used in the mixture; the more effective it is thought to be at stopping damp penetration. It forms a hard surface that dries out to form a protective layer, making it unable to absorb further moisture.
  • A more modern alternative is the use of silicates. They are chemical salts used in agriculture to stop water penetration. These are seen as better alternatives because they are less hazardous to health and do not produce slaked lime dust when applied.

Process of Damp Proofing

The process by which you treat rising dampness is called scouring. This means a treatment that removes or reduces the amount of material to be removed in a specific area without affecting the surrounding surface.

Application for Internal Walls – Damp Proofing Systems

Firstly, to be effective you should damp proof your internal walls and floors by removing wallpapers. Then skim them with a plaster containing a suitable chemical.

You can choose to apply traditional lime wash muriatic acid or treatment with silicates to the outside and inside of a building in a process called in situ damp proofing. In this situation, the wall is lathered from the inside with slaked lime or silicate mix.

Then scraped to introduce air channels so it can permeate into the fabric of the wall. The outside is treated with a solution of sodium sesquicarbonate which reacts with the calcium carbonate to produce a water repellent coating.

However, if your damp proof course has been affected you may need to take additional measures. They include installing a new damp proofing course or inserting a new drain or soakaway.

If you want to avoid having to do this yourself you can get professionals in to do it for you. However, if your damp proofing has failed it is a good idea to get a professional opinion on the likely cause.

Application for External Walls – Damp Proofing Systems

If your problem lies with outside walls of porous soil e.g. clay – this can be overcome by using a mortar containing a chemical that renders the soil impermeable. However, it should only be applied to other types of soils with specific permission from your local authority first.

Finally, if you are affected by rising damp due to poor or non-existent drainage, this can often be solved by clearing blocked drains and gutters. Installing a new drainage system for example perforated pipe drains can help too.

Poor Ventilated Walls

If your problem lies with poorly ventilated walls you can adopt one of two methods.

The first is to install vents in the wall cavity, which is then stuffed with an appropriate insulation material i.e natural or man-made…

The second option is to do nothing, but this is only recommended if the wall cavity is ventilated e.g. brick vented cavity walls or similar.

Ground Moisture

If you are affected by ground moisture problems you can either excavate the soil or replace it with something dry. Example crushed slag or stones or install a sub-soil drainage system.

You can also do a combination of these, but often the most effective method of damp proofing is to combine a number of measures to ensure that your property does not suffer from rising damp ever again.

We offer Damp Proofing Certification

As a premier leader in the field of Damp Proofing, we have completed hundreds of projects for the most discerning clients. We offer Damp Proofing Certification for your home or building and provide peace of mind for years.

How Much Is Damp Proofing?

So you want to know how much is damp proofing for your house or office? There are a number of factors that will determine the cost. The most significant factor is the amount of damp or mould you have.

Other factors that will influence the price include the location, property size, age and type of building structure. Also the availability of access and any additional work required for your project too

Get the best Cost For Damp Proofing HERE!

Welcome to our company, where we are here to offer the best and most cost-effective solution for your damp problems.

We pride ourselves on offering the best value-for-money solution in damp proofing across South Africa.

Damp Proofing Products South Africa

When you are looking for the best damp proofing products in Africa, look no further. We deliver top-quality products that guarantee you great value and excellent service.

Our products are made from high-quality materials. They are delivered to our customers on time and with the best prices in town.

Damp Proofing Products South Africa

What is the Difference between Dampproofing and Waterproofing?

These terms can be confusing. On some occasions, they may be used interchangeably which probably comes from a misunderstanding of what each term refers to.

But it’s actually easy to understand and this article will help you.

Difference between Dampproofing and Waterproofing

Waterproofing is done to stop water seepage into the basement. Dampproofing is done to stop surface water from entering through cracks and other openings.

Differences between Dampproofing and Waterproofing


  • Waterproofing prevents groundwater or any kind of moisture incursion from entering your basement. This means that the waterproofing membrane acts as a barrier beneath the slab and prevents moisture from passing through it. It also stops water vapour transmission. Additionally, waterproofing stops actual liquid water from penetrating the walls of your home.
  • The main disadvantage of waterproofing is that it can be very expensive. Typically requires excavation, which is time-consuming and disruptive to your home.


  • Prevents moisture from entering through walls and floors, especially when it’s raining or snowing heavily. In addition, this type of waterproofing stops water vapour from entering your home.
  • This method is less expensive than waterproofing, but it’s only effective when applied correctly. As with waterproofing though, dampproofing can be disruptive to your home and requires specialized equipment and expertise.

Bituminous Dampproofing

The purpose of bituminous dampproofing is to prevent the passage of water into concrete or masonry construction. It may be thought of as an asphalt coating, but differs in that it also resists chemical attack and traffic wear.

The oldest method employed was an application by hand, using brushes or rollers. The liquid material (dope) was thinned with gasoline or kerosene, and spread by brush- or roller application; it was then allowed to dry thoroughly before traffic passed over the coated surface.

Bituminous Dampproofing

This method is still in use but has been improved upon using spray equipment. A typical installation involves coating one side of concrete, rock or brick surface to be protected.

The coating must be thick enough to retain its consistency during the curing process; it must form a continuous waterproof membrane, and must not crack or peel after application.

However, because of the nature of the material itself, overheating can cause the malfunction of conveyor belts, in asphalt mixing plants, and in trucks used for transportation.

Pros of Bituminous Dampproofing

The benefit of bituminous dampproofing is its low cost. The fact that its application ensures protection at a minimum thickness and its ability to be applied under varying weather conditions.

Cons of Bituminous Dampproofing

However, the major drawback of the process is its susceptibility to traffic damage in high-traffic areas. Bituminous dampproofing also has a limited range of chemical resistance.

Cementitious Dampproofing

Cementitious damp proofing is a waterproofing method used to protect the surface of a substrate from adverse weather conditions. It also prevents moisture ingress.

There are various forms of cementitious dampproofing. Single component products such as masonry sealants and mortars. Two-component sealers that have a cementitious part and a bituminous or polymer part.

Single-component products are frequently used to seal brick walls, rendering them waterproof. To ensure good adhesion, the substrate must have sufficient free lime for the alkali-reactive aggregate in the mortar. It is important to use only high-quality aggregates as contaminants.

This can have a negative effect on the mechanical properties of the mortar. The durability of multi-coloured mortars is lower than that of white mortars due to their higher porosity and absorption rates.

Two-component sealers containing a mixture of cementitious binders and bituminous binders are also used to render brick walls waterproof. These sealers consist of a number of layers, each serving its own purpose.

For example, the first layer creates a key for the following layers and prevents seepage from below. The next layer serves as a diffusion barrier against water vapour and salts from the substrate. Finally, an outer bituminous layer provides the brick wall with complete protection against rain penetration.

Dampproofing Walls

Our company offers Dampproofing Walls service which can be of great importance in the protection of interiors from damp.

The service is available for all types of buildings where dampness has presented itself in any form.

Dampproofing Walls


All installations are carried out by our experts who are fully trained and qualified to undertake this type of work. They will visit your property, examine it and recommend the most suitable method to give you complete satisfaction and safety.

At all times during our work, we will conform to the highest standards.

Services we offer:

  • Damp investigations
  • Damp proofing services
  • Surface waterproofing systems
  • Underfloor heating
  • Brickwork waterproofing systems
  • Wall tie replacement systems

Wall Damp Proofing

Indeed, Wall Damp Proofing is a process that adds insulation and keeps moisture at bay. It does this by creating a barrier between the existing wall and the structure behind it.

This barrier contains all moisture from seeping into the structure. It will protect your cement walls from cracking, bleeding, and becoming structurally unsound over time.

Damp Proofing An Internal Wall

We are a company that offers Damp Proofing Internal Wall systems. These systems are used to control moisture in walls as well as floors. Now you can rest assured that damp and damp proofing problems will be solved.

Damp Proofing Masonry Walls

A damp wall can be not just an annoying problem to live with, but also a dangerous one. It’s easy to find these days: peeling wallpaper, stained or mouldy plaster, and a general musty smell.

The best solution for this is a Damp Proofing Masonry Wall system. You can use this to seal up the gaps in your walls or floors which allow water from the outside to make its way inside.

Cavity Wall Damp Proofing

Full cavity wall damp proofing is a specialist treatment. This helps to prevent damage caused to walls by damp rising up through the bricks or mortar.

Our damp-proofing products are injected into the gap between the inside and outside of walls. This protects them from moisture and vapour in the air that could cause internal damage.

Damp Proofing Existing Walls

We are the best choice for Damp Proofing Existing Walls. We have specialised in all types of moisture control and remedial damp treatment techniques too.

Our engineers provide a full range of services. They range from removing existing mould to providing specialist damp proof solutions throughout South Africa.

Cost of Damp Proofing a Wall

The costs of carrying out damp proofing work vary from on the size, style, and location of the property. As with any job, however, there are certain costs that will be incurred regardless.

Damp Proofing External Wall

If you’ve had problems with damp in your home, house extension or even a new build. We can deal with that for you. Our external wall dampproofing treatment is robust and will save you money as well as a lot of headaches.

This damp treatment can be applied to most external walls and lasts for decades. This will save you from the hassle of having to live with mouldy walls in your home or business.

Damp Proofing Interior Wall

Our Damp Proofing Interior wall is the great demand these days. We provide this service with efficiency and quality. The condition of dampness on the walls can be very dangerous to your health.

We repair your existing damp proofing in a very realistic manner.

Our experts are very well trained to do the work within no time. We always do justice with our services. You will smile by us giving you the best product at a reasonable rate.

We don’t compromise on quality; therefore, we only use the best material in our project execution.

Cost of Damp Proofing Internal Walls

Our company is acknowledged for offering the best Cost of Damp Proofing Internal Walls in South Africa.

We use the latest techniques and equipment to remove moisture from your house. Our services are cost-effective and also guarantee that your family stays safe on the property.

Damp Proofing External Brickwork

We provide an extensive range of external brickwork damp proofing solutions. Our external damp proof courses are designed to prevent water penetration. The most common waterproofing systems are those that are impregnated with oils and bitumens.

Whilst others are breathable membranes to protect brickwork, blockwork and concrete from damage due to rising damp and penetrating water.

Damp Proofing Outside Wall

Our company provides external wall damp proofing in South Africa. If you are facing the problem of external wet walls in your property, get in touch with us.

We offer expert advice on the most effective solutions to get rid of wet walls in your home.

Damp Proofing Plaster Walls

Our Damp Proofing Plaster Walls provide a viable solution for the mitigation of rising damp.  Rising damp can cause damage to the structures, contents and finishes of a building.

Damp Proofing House Walls

The Damp Proofing of your house walls is an essential process in ensuring they are waterproof and durable. If a wall is not correctly treated, mould and mildew may develop.

If this happens you will need to have the whole surface re-plastered. This can cause further damage and a reduction in the value of your house.

Home Damp Proofing

Our Home Damp Proofing is one of the specialities of our company. We have been doing this for a lot of years now. Our services are available to all people who are living in Sydney.

Our home damp proofing specialists come out to your house. We will be able to help you with every aspect of your needs.

Home Damp Proofing

Exceptional Services

We offer exceptional services that are very affordable and which will be tailored to you. Whether you need a whole house or only a few rooms done, we can help you.

We guarantee that every aspect of our work will be completed as quickly as possible. You will not have any problems as a result of our services.

What Makes Us Different From Other Companies?

We know what works best for homeowners. We use the latest technology available so that we can provide you with the best service possible.

You will be able to enjoy your home again and not have any more worries about moisture or mould.

Cost of Damp Proofing a House

It can cost you a lot of money to damp proof a house. Indeed, if done correctly it will save you money in the long run.

  • The first step is to hire us, an experienced damp proofing company.

Damp Proofing House Cost

Our experts offer the most effective and economical damp proofing solutions. Our company provide top quality products which are in line with industry requirements.

Damp Proofing a Basement

We have made it our mission to help people protect their homes from moisture and mould. Our company offers Damp Proofing a Basement to those who want peace of mind.

Now your home will remain safe from the growth of mould, mildew, and other unwanted effects.

Damp Proofing a Basement

Damp Proofing Interior Basement Walls

If you find leaking water in your basement contact us. You should know that there’s more to damp basement walls than drying them to prevent mould and painting them to improve their appearance.

There is a right way to dry and waterproof the walls. If you need help with Damp Proofing the Interior Basement Walls WhatsApp us now!

Damp Proofing Floors

Installing a proper damp proofing floor is a wise investment for anyone living in an older house. This service is carried out by our professional team of floor specialists.

It includes all the essential components to ensure your floors are protected from water.

Damp Proofing Floors

Damp Proofing Concrete Floor before Tiling

When your entire home is being retiled, it’s often tempting to have the beautiful tiles laid immediately. However, damp proofing is important, and you shouldn’t tile over damp or wet concrete flooring.

This can cause mould, damage the subfloor, or in the very worst cases, lead to the concrete floor collapsing. Our Damp Proofing Concrete Floor services can dry out the moisture and create a seamless base.

Damp Proofing Garage

Damp Proofing in a garage is an incredibly effective method of protecting its contents. We fully renovate these areas, removing old materials and replacing them with concrete roof tiles.

This will prevent water from penetrating the walls. Enquire today and we’ll give you a quotation for our damp proofing services.

Damp Proofing Garage

Roof Damp Proofing

At our company, we provide Roof Damp Proofing to both domestic and commercial clients. Our high-quality materials and experienced contractors mean that you will get a first-class job at a great price.

We’re here to help with expert advice throughout the process.

Roof Damp Proofing

Drywall Damp Proofing

The final step of home or office renovation is installing your ceilings, walls, and doors. The last step is also one of the most tedious and time-consuming – but it doesn’t have to be.

We will take charge of your drywall and make sure all of your Damp Proofing is done properly. Then you can enjoy your newly refurbished home for many years to come, worry-free.

Drywall Damp Proofing

Internal Damp Proofing

We offer Internal Damp Proofing as a client-specific solution in helping to prevent rising damp within the walls of your property.

We can also provide a full solution that includes all of the elements mentioned within our consultation.

Internal Damp Proofing

External Damp Proofing

In protecting our buildings from dampness, we offer external damp proofing systems with redundant features. These are backed by years of experience and a customer-first attitude.

We start by gaining an understanding of the problem before applying our consulting experience and expertise to solve it.

We can work within your budget. Indeed, we have an excellent track record for customer service – any inquiries are answered quickly by our friendly office staff.

External Damp Proofing

Rising Damp Proofing

We offer Rising Damp Proofing to help reduce rising damp in existing walls, this is often where the damage takes place. Then in the best interest of our customers, we can also replace entire walls.

Rising Damp Proofing

Damp proofing Cape Town

Damp proofing Cape Town: Dampproofing Specialists Firstly, moisture or dampness in your home not only looks ugly in the form of peeled-off paint. But also poses the danger of structural damage to your property. If you see signs of damp in the ceiling or the walls of your home. It is high time you take … Read more