Defy tumble dryer not turning

Defy tumble dryer not turning

Do you experience problems with your Defy tumble dryer not turning?

This can be a significant annoyance and result in extra costs for maintenance or replacement.

In this article, we’ll talk about the typical reasons for this issue, how to fix it, and how to avoid it happening again.

Common reasons for a tumble dryer not turning

reasons for a tumble dryer not turning

Power supply problems are one of the most frequent causes of a tumble dryer not turning.

  • Verify that the outlet is working and that the tumble dryer is plugged in correctly.

A broken door switch is another typical cause.

  • The tumble dryer is started and stopped by the door switch when the door is opened or closed.
  • If the door switch has to be replaced, test it first.

A worn-out belt is another factor in tumble dryer malfunctions.

  • The drum is turned by the belt, thus if the belt is worn out, the drum will not turn. Examine the belt for damage and replace it if necessary.

The tumble dryer may also not turn due to a blocked vent.

  • To clear any obstructions, clean the vent.

The tumble dryer may also not turn due to a broken timer.

  • If the timer is broken, inspect it and replace it.

Tips to prevent the problem from recurring

  • Regular vent cleaning is essential to avoid the recurrence of the issue and blockages.
  • Additionally, avoid overloading the dryer as this can put additional strain on the belt and other parts.
  • It’s crucial to maintain the belt by examining it for damage and wear.
  • Another way to avoid the problem is to routinely check the door switch.

Conclusion on “Defy tumble dryer not turning”

defy tumble dryer does not turn

It’s critical to diagnose and resolve the problem as quickly as possible if your Defy tumble dryer won’t turn.

  • You can fix the issue yourself
  • Save money on repairs or replacements by using the troubleshooting techniques described in this article.

However, it is preferable to seek expert assistance if you are unclear or uneasy about the troubleshooting process.

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