Dishwasher repair cost

Dishwashers are a necessary item in many homes because they enable individuals to quickly and effectively clean their dishes. Dishwashers may, however, malfunction and have issues that call for expert repair, just like any home equipment. Dishwasher repair cost.

The variables that affect dishwasher repair prices, typical repair costs for common problems, whether to repair or replace a dishwasher and ways to reduce repair expenses are all covered in this article.

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Factors that Affect Dishwasher Repair Cost

The kind of repair required and the age of the appliance may both affect how much it will cost to fix a dishwasher.

  • In general, more involved repairs that call for more work or new components will cost more money than straightforward fixes.
  • Older dishwashers may also be more difficult or costly to repair because new components may not be available or the machine could be getting close to the end of its useful life.

Average Cost of Common Dishwasher Repairs

There are many typical dishwashing issues that can need expert repair, each with a price tag.

  • For instance, the cost to replace a pump might be anywhere between R1500 and R3000, while the cost to repair a control board can be between R2000 and R4000.
  • More involved fixes, such replacing a motor, might cost up to R5000 or more.
  • It’s crucial to keep in mind that the price of dishwasher repair might change depending on the brand and type of the appliance, as well as the area in which the repair is being done.

When to Repair vs. Replace a Dishwasher

In certain circumstances, replacing a dishwasher instead of repairing it could be more economical.

  • In general, it may be more financially sound to buy a replacement dishwasher if the cost of repairs is more than 50% of the price of a new appliance.
  • Also, if an appliance is getting close to the end of its useful life, keeping it fixed could become too expensive.
  • Yet, it could be less expensive to fix a dishwasher rather than replace it if it is still very new and has only had minor problems.

How to Save Money on Dishwasher Repairs

There are a number of methods homeowners may use to reduce the expense of dishwasher repairs.

  • Cleaning filters and checking hoses for leaks as part of routine maintenance may stop issues before they start.
  • Also, locating a trustworthy repair expert and requesting quotations from many companies will assist guarantee that homeowners receive the greatest value for their money.
  • Lastly, avoiding typical dishwasher problems like overloading the machine or using excessive detergent will help the device last longer and cost less to fix.


Homeowners may make educated choices and save money on repairs by being aware of the variables that affect dishwasher repair prices, the typical cost of frequent repairs, and whether to repair or replace a dishwasher.

  • Homeowners may increase the lifespan of their dishwasher and reduce the possibility of expensive malfunctions by implementing these suggestions and preventative maintenance.

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