Exterior painting house cost

Maintaining the appearance and value of your home requires exterior house painting. The exterior of your property is shielded from corrosion and damage by a fresh layer of paint, which also boosts curb appeal. But for homeowners, the price of exterior house painting can be a big expenditure, therefore it’s critical to comprehend the variables that affect pricing. Exterior painting house cost.

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Factors that Affect Exterior House Painting Costs

  • The size of your home
  • State of the exterior
  • Number of stories
  • The type of paint used
  • Labor costs are just a few variables that affect cost.

The final product’s strength and appearance, as well as the cost of the components, will depend on the quality of the paint used. Furthermore, the level of experience and competence of the experts you hire may affect labor prices.

Average Cost of Exterior House Painting

Depending on the size and condition of your home, the typical national cost of exterior house painting ranges between R25,000 and R45,000.

  • If your house needs considerable cleaning or repairs before painting, the price may go up considerably.
  • DIY painting, on the other hand, could appear to be a less expensive alternative, but it might take longer and produce a lower-quality finish.

Cost Breakdown of Exterior House Painting

Materials, labor, and extra expenses make up the three cost categories for painting a house’s exterior.

  • Paint, priming, brushes, and other tools and supplies are included in the materials cost.
  • The cost of labor can include prep work, application, and cleanup and will vary based on the project’s complexity and scale.
  • Before painting can start, there may be extra expenses for repairs, cleaning, or other services.

Tips for Reducing Painting Costs

The price of exterior home painting can be decreased in a number of ways.

  • For instance, to discover the best deal for the job, you can compare quotations from various contractors.
  • By picking the proper season to paint, you can also cut costs because certain contractors may provide discounts then.
  • As long as you have the required equipment and expertise, doing your own preparation and cleanup can also help you save money overall.


The size of your home, the surface condition, the number of stories, the paint quality utilized, and labor costs are some of the variables that affect the cost of exterior house painting.

  • You may decide on the price and scope of your exterior house painting project with the help of the advice and knowledge in this article.

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