Fridge Regas Price South Africa 

Fridge regas price South Africa

The refrigerant in your fridge needs to be topped up as part of this crucial maintenance procedure to keep it running efficiently. Find the best Fridge regas price South Africa?

And don’t worry, even though it may seem expensive to get your fridge serviced, we’re here to explain the expenses and show you ways to cut expenditures. 

Factors affecting the cost of a fridge regas in South Africa 

Factors affecting the cost of a fridge regas in South Africa

The type of refrigerant used, the size and age of your fridge, your location, and the level of service provider competition all affect how much a fridge regas costs in South Africa.  

  • The cost of various refrigerant kinds varies, with some being more expensive than others.  
  • The cost of the regas could go up if you have a larger fridge because it would require more refrigerant.  
  • The pricing may also be impacted by the service providers’ accessibility and geographic location.

Average cost of a fridge regas in South Africa 

Average cost of a fridge regas in South Africa

In South Africa, a fridge regas typically costs between R450 and R1500.

  • The type of refrigerant utilized and the size of your fridge will affect the price.  
  • For instance, the price of a regas using R134a refrigerant for a standard-sized fridge may range from R450 to R1000  
  • Whereas the price of a larger fridge utilizing R404a refrigerant could range from R750 to R2000.  

South Africa has one of the most affordable fridge regas prices when compared to other nations. 

Saving money on a fridge regassing in South Africa 

Saving money on a fridge regas in South Africa

Everyone loves to save money, and your fridge regas allows you to do just that! Here are some suggestions:  

  • Compare the costs of several service providers and bargain with them.  
  • You could also combine your regas with other maintenance services or try a DIY regas to save money.
  • However, use caution as using DIY regas services may have hazards and restrictions.  
  • The best option for maintaining the longevity and efficiency of your fridge is to invest in professional regas services.


In conclusion, a fridge regas is a must-have maintenance service that keeps your fridge running smoothly. 

  • The average cost of a fridge regas in South Africa is between R450 and R1500, which is pretty reasonable.  
  • By comparing prices and negotiating with service providers, you can save money on your fridge regas.  
  • And always remember, investing in professional regas services is the best way to keep your fridge functioning at its best. 

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