How much asphalt cost in South Africa?

Asphalt is a substance that is frequently used in the building sector and is renowned for its toughness and adaptability. The price of asphalt varies in South Africa depending on a number of variables. How much asphalt cost in South Africa? In this post, we’ll examine the price of asphalt in South Africa and the elements that influence it.

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Understanding Asphalt

Aggregates, binders, and fillers are all combined to make asphalt.

  • It is generally used for building roads, but it is also used for driveways, parking lots, and other surfaces that need to be durable.
  • A procedure that involves combining aggregates, binder, and filler produces asphalt.
  • Hot mix asphalt and cold mix asphalt are two different forms of asphalt, each with distinct qualities.

Factors Affecting Asphalt Cost in South Africa

Costs associated with personnel, equipment, raw materials, and transportation all have an impact on the price of asphalt in South Africa.

  • The price of asphalt’s primary components, including aggregates, binder, and filler, might vary.
  • Cost of labor, including wages and salaries, affects the price of asphalt as well.
  • The kind of machinery used to produce asphalt and deliver it to the construction site can have an impact on its price.

Costs of Asphalt in South Africa on average

In South Africa, the price of asphalt varies according to the region and asphalt grade.

  • In South Africa, the price of asphalt per ton ranges from R 1,500 to R 4,000.
  • Depending on the grade of asphalt used, the price per square meter of asphalt ranges from R 85 to R 300.

Typical Asphalt Costs in South Africa

For diverse applications, different grades of asphalt are utilized, and their price varies.

  • In South Africa, the three asphalt grades that are most frequently used are AC 10, AC 14, and AC 20.
  • While AC 14 and AC 20 are utilized for high traffic, AC 10 is used for minor traffic.
  • A ton of AC 10 asphalt costs between R 1,500 and R 2,000.
  • Costs for AC 14 and AC 20 range from R 2,500 to R 4,000 per ton.

How to Save on Asphalt Costs

In South Africa, there are numerous techniques to reduce the price of asphalt. Purchasing asphalt in quantity is one option.

  • Purchasing in bulk can enable you to receive a discount and lower the per-ton cost.
  • To find the greatest deal, it is also crucial to compare estimates from various vendors.
  • Costs can be decreased by selecting the proper grade of asphalt for the work.
  • Asphalt surfaces can assist increase their lifespan and decrease the need for expensive repairs with proper upkeep.


Asphalt is a crucial component of the building sector, and its price in South Africa is impacted by a number of variables.

  • Costs can be decreased by being aware of these considerations and selecting the appropriate grade of asphalt for the work.
  • You may reduce your expenditures on asphalt and make sure that your construction project stays within your budget by using the advice provided in this article.

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