How much does a appliance repairman make an hour? 

How much does a appliance repairman make an hour

Repairmen for household and commercial appliances are responsible for repairing and maintaining a variety of home appliances. How much does an appliance repairman make an hour?  

In this article, we will examine the variables that influence the hourly wage of appliance repairmen and determine the average hourly wage for this occupation. 

Factors that affect hourly wage 

Factors that affect hourly wage

The hourly compensation of a home appliance repairman might vary depending on a number of variables.  

  • The most important of these characteristics is the level of experience. 
  • Additionally, location influences hourly pay.
  • Urban appliance repairmen typically earn more than their rural counterparts.  
  • The type of appliance being fixed might also have an impact on the hourly rate.  
  • In addition, an appliance repairman’s hourly compensation might be affected by certification and education level.  
  • Individuals with advanced certifications or advanced degrees may earn more than those with less knowledge or experience. 

The average wage for appliance repairmen 

Average wage for appliance repairmen

Between R40 and R100 is the national average hourly compensation for appliance repairmen. Nonetheless, this can differ according to the company.  

  • The hourly wage can differ based on the type of device being fixed.
  • Those who specialize in high-end appliances may receive a greater hourly rate than those whose primary focus is on basic equipment.

How to increase earnings as an appliance repairman 

How to increase earnings as an appliance repairman

There are various ways to boost your wages if you are considering a profession as an appliance repairman.  

  • Certifications and advanced degrees can help you command a better hourly rate. 
  • Building a solid reputation and clientele can also result in increased earnings.
  • Profits can also be increased by specializing in the premium or unusual equipment.


In conclusion, appliance repairmen perform a crucial role in keeping our homes and businesses functional.  

  • The hourly compensation of a home appliance repairman can vary depending on experience level, region, appliance type, and certification or education.  
  • There are various strategies to enhance your profits as an appliance repairman, including obtaining certificates or higher schooling.
  • Creating a good name and clientele, and specializing in high-end or distinctive equipment.  
  • Additional resources, such as industry groups and vocational institutions, might provide important information. 

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