How much does a good tiler charge?

Numerous projects involving the construction and remodeling of homes must include tiling. The cost of tiling, however, is one of the most important factors to take into account. How much does a good tiler charge?

This post will discuss how much reputable tiler charges and the elements that affect their prices.

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Factors That Affect Tiling Costs

  • The type and quality of the tile

  • Size and intricacy of the tiled area

  • The state of the surface being tiled

  • Location and accessibility of the job site

  • The experience and credentials of the tiler are all factors that affect the cost of tiling.

The Average Cost of Tiling

The type of tile and the location of the job site are two variables that affect the average cost of tiling per square foot.

  • For instance, porcelain and ceramic tiles are typically less expensive than tiles made of genuine stone.

  • For tiling, you should budget between R100 and R150 per square foot for labor and supplies.

  • In order to give some context, it can cost R1,000 to R4,000 to tile a small bathroom, however it can cost upwards of R15,000 or more to tile a large bathroom or kitchen.

  • To make sure you obtain a decent deal, carefully plan your budget for tiling costs and weigh your options.

How to Find a Good Tiler

Researching and comparing local tile companies is the first step in finding a good tiler.

  • You might get advice from friends or relatives who have just finished tile jobs by asking for recommendations.

  • Check for credentials and certificates.

  • To learn more about a company’s reputation and caliber of work, browse online testimonials and ratings.

How Much Does a Good Tiler Charge?

The cost of a good tiler will vary depending on their training and expertise, among other things. A highly skilled tiler will typically charge more than a less skilled one.

  • Hiring a skilled tiler often costs between R120 and R400 per hour. However, depending on the previously mentioned conditions, this cost may change.

  • For instance, tiling a tiny backsplash section would cost R3000 to R8000, whereas a complete bathroom remodel might run R5,000 to R25,000 or more.


It’s important to know how much a reputable tiler charges because expenditures for tiling can go up rapidly.

  • The best method to guarantee that the cost of your tiling project is fair and affordable is to thoroughly study and compare tiling contractors.

  • The type and quality of the tile, the size and complexity of the tiled area, and the experience and credentials of the tiler are other aspects to take into account.

  • You can confidently plan your tiling project and obtain the greatest results for your home by keeping these factors in mind.

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