How much is a compressor of a fridge?

How much is a compressor of a fridge

Every family needs a fridge since it helps keep our food fresh and hygienic. But have you ever questioned how a fridge operates? The compressor is the key but how much is a compressor of a fridge?

In this post, we’ll go over the purpose of a compressor in a fridge, different types of compressors, and the price of replacing a compressor.

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What are fridge compressors?

What are fridge compressors

A compressor is a pump that is in charge of compressing and moving refrigerant throughout a fridge’s cooling system.

Without it, the fridge couldn’t chill because it is the core of the appliance.

To keep your fridge running smoothly and keeping your food fresh, it’s crucial to keep the compressor in good working order.

Types of Compressors for Fridges

Types of Compressors for Fridges

Reciprocal, rotary, and scroll compressors are a few of the different types of compressors found in freezers.

  • The most prevalent type of compressor found in older freezers is the reciprocating one, which is renowned for its toughness.
  • Rotary compressors are a common option for portable fridges since they are compact and lightweight.
  • Scroll compressors are renowned for their great efficiency and silent operation.

The type of compressor used in a fridge will vary on the manufacturer and model.

  • Each type has benefits and drawbacks

Cost of Fridge Compressor Replacement

Cost of Fridge Compressor Replacement

The type of compressor, the fridge brand, and the repair provider you select can all affect the price of a compressor replacement.

Replacement compressors typically cost between R1850 and R8000.

  • To guarantee that you are getting the greatest bargain, it is crucial to compare prices from several repair providers.

DIY Compressor Replacement

DIY Compressor Replacement

It is not advised to do a DIY compressor replacement because it might be risky and harmful.

  • It is preferable to leave the handling of hazardous substances like refrigerant to experts because it requires careful handling.

However, there are tools and instructions online for individuals who want to try a DIY replacement.

Conclusion on “How much is a compressor of a fridge?”

In conclusion, the compressor is a crucial part of a fridge that maintains the safety and freshness of our food.

  • Maintaining a working compressor is crucial to the fridge’s effective operation.
  • It is important to check prices from several repairmen because compressor replacement costs can vary widely.

It is not advised to change a compressor on your own; instead, hire an expert.

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