How much tiler charge

Although it might be expensive, tiling is a terrific method to improve the look and feel of your home. Your ability to estimate your project and understand the variables that determine tiling prices will help you create an effective budget and make wise choices. The prices of tiling will be examined in this article, along with how much tiler charge, estimates and advice on how to hire a reputable tiler and cut expenditures.

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Factors Affecting Tiling Cost

The following are some of the key elements that influence tiling costs:

  • Type of tile: The type of tile you select can significantly affect how much your tiling project will cost. From inexpensive ceramic tiles to opulent ones made of marble or glass, tiles come in all price ranges.

  • Area to be tiled: The size of the area to be tiled is another crucial consideration. More tiles and more manpower will be needed to cover larger areas, which could raise the cost.

  • Surface type: The cost of tiling a surface might vary. More preparation work may be necessary before tiling on uneven or rough surfaces, which will increase the cost.

  • Job complexity: Tiling projects that call for more intricate designs or patterns will typically cost more.

  • Location: The cost of tiling might vary depending on where you live, with larger cities often costing more.

  • The accessibility of the tiled area, the kind of adhesive or grout being used, and the necessity for any further work, such as waterproofing, are additional factors that can affect tiling prices.

Average Tiling Costs

  • Generally, the cost of tiling ranges from R50 to R100 per square meter or R500 to R1000 per square meter.

  • Depending on the tile type, the tiled area, and your location, the price may be greater or lower.

  • The price of a square meter of luxury tiles can be R1000 or more, although the price of a square meter may be more.

Tiling Cost Estimation Methods

  • Use of online tiling cost calculators, which may provide you with an estimate depending on the specifications of your project, is a common technique.

  • This will provide you with a more precise estimate, but it might take some time.

  • You can estimate costs on your own by adding a percentage for labor to the cost of the materials.

Tips for Reducing Tiling Costs

  • One efficient strategy is to perform some of the labor oneself, such as clearing out outdated tiles or priming the surface for tiling.

  • Costs can be decreased by selecting less expensive tiles and a local tiler who will charge less for trip.

  • You can also negotiate with tilers to acquire the best pricing by comparing their quotations.

Hiring a Tiler

  • Look for tilers who have credentials or certifications, and enquire of them about their background and education.

  • To make sure they have a solid reputation, examine online reviews and ask for references.

  • You ought to enquire about their availability, the anticipated duration of the project, and their payment policies.


You can create an effective budget and make wise judgments if you are aware of how much tilers charge and the variables that influence tiling expenses. The advice and techniques presented in this article can help you determine the tilers will cost.

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