How much tiler cost

It’s crucial to know how much a tiler cost if you’re thinking of giving your house a new look by installing new tiles. But don’t worry; we are here to assist you! In this post, we’ll provide you a thorough breakdown of tiling expenses so you can plan your job without being caught off guard.

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Factors affecting tiling costs

  • The cost can be influenced by the project’s size and complexity, the kind of tiles you want to use, the design, and the amount of preliminary work needed.

  • The cost of labor and materials may also be influenced by where you live.

  • The pricing may vary depending on the tiler’s reputation and experience, with more seasoned tilers possibly charging more.

Average cost of tiling per square meter

  • You should budget between R200 and R400 per square meter on average.

  • Bear in mind that this price includes everything from labor to supplies and hardware.

  • You will need to take into account any additional expenses, such as VAT, shipping, or disposal of used materials.

Additional tiling costs to consider

  • Tiles, glue, grout, and other materials are necessary for the project, all of which must be purchased.

  • Tools like trowels, spacers, and tile cutters may need to be rented or bought.

  • It may be more expensive to transport and dispose of used materials.

  • It’s crucial to have some additional money saved up for any unforeseen costs that can develop throughout the project.

Tips for saving on tiling costs

  • Think about whether you want to tile the room yourself or employ a pro.

  • While DIY tile installation could be less expensive, it can also take more time and could result in expensive blunders.

  • Don’t be afraid to haggle with the tiler to get the greatest deal on supplies and labor.

  • Make a detailed plan and budget and cut out any superfluous spending.


You can confidently plan your tiling job and give your home a new look without going over budget by following our advice and keeping these points in mind.

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