Irrigation installation, a new way to water your garden

Firstly, getting your Irrigation installation done by us is a better way to water your garden.

Secondly, re-pipe your old irrigation system.  Thirdly, invest in a more effective way to care for your estate grounds.  Indeed, consider the intelligent water method.

With us, new system installations are affordable.  Furthermore, there are various systems to choose from.  Perfect for any size garden.  Alternatively, you may need a water system for a business park or housing estate.

In addition, talk to us about the most cost-effective way to keep your grounds looking pristine at all times.

Hook up an irrigation sprinkler to your water-saving Jojo.

Our company has more than 10 years experience in landscaping projects.  As well as installing reliable watering systems.

Finally, our service and products are quality guaranteed.  Our pricing is competitive, we only recommend the best installation systems available.

With that said we strive to give our customers low and affordable rates.  In conclusion, contact our service centre now for a free quote.  We gladly offer advice as well.

Irrigation installation

Repairs and irrigation

Repairs and irrigation installation.  As a result, contact us now for emergency services.  If you have a burst system or leaking pipes, we fix it in no time.  Our experts find the leak and will determine the best way to mend it.

Sometimes small parts of pipes only need to be repaired, these jobs are quick.  Our call-out fee is fair and reasonable.

Perhaps you are looking for a new system for a farm or plot.  We have a lot of innovative ways and ideas with our irrigation installers.

Large grounds require better technology and a sprinkling system that can water everything properly.  Our concepts work every time.

To sum up, our modern techniques and ideas suit all grounds.  Included in this service is also our landscaping service.

We design fashionable gardens for any setting.  Would you like a landscaper to re-invent your outdoor space?  With years of experience and education, we know what works best.

Irrigation installation


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