Experience and Expertise Pest Control Masters. Pest Control Cape Town was formed many year ago. With wide support from local authorities who were being affected by the infestation of various pests. The company was started with a no defeat mission. And after more than 20 years we are still the best pest control company.

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With a great team of qualified and highly experienced technicians and professionals who have come together to form a formidable company that has been maintaining high excellence for years!

We take care of the pest while you rest

Pest Control over the years, has designed thousands of pest control management plan of action documents and systems. That has been continuously improved on a regular basis to ensure the highest amount of effectiveness.

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We provide you with once-off and long term pest control management backed by some of the most experienced professionals in the industry:

  1. Professional technicians: Our pest control technicians are the most recommended in Cape Town. Due to their persistence and integrity aligned with total customer care and satisfaction. You will be impressed by the pest control project from start to finish.
  2. Masters of Experience: We are constantly upgrading and bettering our systems and we allow an open platform for all our employees so we can provide customers with a wide range of pest control services.
  3. Designed Service Pest Control: You can have a uniquely designed pest control service plan. That will take care of your regular pest chores while you focus on doing what you do best!

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We are sure to deal with any type of pest that is bugging you and causing property damages. Don’t wait till everyone notices, take a plan of action before it is too late!
For custom pest control services, call Pest Control in Cape Town and we will help you in a professional and comfortable environment. We look forward to hearing from you!