Pool repairs, top-quality swimming pool remodelling

Pool repairs, top-quality swimming pool remodeling.  That old pool is looking tired.  It is leaking, and the marbelite has cracks.  It is time for a specialist pool company.  As winter comes to an end, family and friends want to enjoy the cool swimming waters.

So it means a good garden tidy up and clear pool water is a must.  Our company specializes in the maintenance and repairs of all pools.  Not only that but, we build new ones too.

With over 20 years of experience in pool solutions, we offer it all.  For example, solar heating and pool covers.  Our services include quality products that we know work.

Along with any faults that need fixing, we guarantee our professional opinion and maintenance procedures.

Contact us if the pool pump is broken.  Our service rates are competitive and our service is quick.

What about broken tiles?  Yes, we repair those too.  Whatever the issue we have a solution.

Our operators are waiting for your call and our quotations are free.

Pool repairs

Pool leaks, contact us today!

The Pool leaks?  No problem, contact us for pool repairs.  Some pools may be losing water, but you cannot see where from.  Contact us now for our techniques for finding leaks.  Unfortunately, over time old piping can spring a leak or cracked fiberglass can also be the cause.

Other problems like a vinyl pool could have tears in the lining.  Cracks and tears may not always be visible to the naked eye.  Our experience and skills will solve the issue in no time.

A pool repair may not be as expensive as you thought.  Before it gets worse contact us now.  Patchwork is an option for smaller cracks.

Replace your old pool pump with our top-of-the-range pumps.  Speak to us now for a quote and friendly advice.

Call us now for swimming pool resurfacing.


Pool repair

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