Luxurious swimming pools are a must in South Africa, with the hot summer weather it is always refreshing to know you can come home to a quick dip in the pool to cool off and wash all that work stress away. Why go on holiday when you can have the feeling of a holiday in your back garden. Pool Service creates stunning new pool ideas to suit your home, perfect for your garden and requirements as a family.

Pool Service

If you prefer the idea of a small dip pool or need a large pool to accommodate relaxing and exercising. Pool Service can make that a reality. Perhaps you already have a pool, but it needs TLC.

Fast Pool Service 24/7

We offer expert maintenance to get your pool looking tip-top again. Allowing you to enjoy the cool sparkle without the hassle. Call today for our specialized swimming pool quotes and parts.

Pool Services

Pool parts from Pool Service

Pool Service is here to make swimming pool repairs easier for you. If you require a pool pump purchase or you need us to recommend pool pump repairs, we can help you immediately. Swimming pool cleaning can become difficult and timing consuming if there are faults with the pump or the creepy isn’t working correctly. Instead of paying astronomical swimming pool prices for swimming pool cleaning products and services that are not helping. So, call the best in town Pool Service. We know what we are doing.

Stop the leak, fill the crack and build it with us at Pool Service

Stop the leak, pool leak repair, and fibreglass pool repair assistance with Pool Service. Fill the crack, marbelite pool crack repair, we know how.

Pool Servicing

Pool Service, can fix old pools by doing quality swimming pool renovations that last and make your pool look immaculate again. Whether it is pool renovation or swimming pool construction, we are the company you can depend on for the best swimming pool installation. As mentioned before, we provide all pool solutions. Does it feel like you are always fighting green pool water?

Pool filter sand is a part of the pump working properly. Replacing sand in the pool filter is a requirement for a good working pump. If you have decided on pool heating. Call us for advice on the best solution for your pool, and for all pool pump prices. You need the best Pool Services.

Making our life easier

Pools Service has been in business for over a decade, making your life easier when it comes to pool services. If you were not aware we can assist you with irrigation technology of in-stalling new irrigation or servicing the one you have. Because we already know the outdoors, we have landscaping service and offer borehole repair and maintenance. Be sure to contact the best in town now.

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