Price for tile installation

Installing new tiles in your home is a terrific way to improve its appearance and utility. Yet, it’s crucial to know the price upfront before beginning any tile installation operation. Price for tile installation.

In this post, we’ll look at the elements influencing tile installation costs, give a breakdown of the costs for various tile kinds, compare the costs of DIY installation to those of professional installation, and offer advice for cutting installation expenses.

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Cost Breakdown of Tile Installation

  • Tile installation typically runs between R50 and R150 per square foot.

  • Existing flooring removal, subfloor repair or replacement, and sealing or finishing are additional costs to take into account.

  • Depending on the type of tile used, the overall cost of tile installation can vary significantly.

  • For instance, genuine stone tiles can cost upwards of R200 per square foot, while ceramic tiles are often the least expensive, costing an average of R30 to R70 per square foot.

DIY vs Professional Tile Installation Costs

DIY tile installation can save you money, but it might not be the best choice for everyone.

  • Installation often saves between R10 and R50 per square foot in costs. But, there are dangers and disadvantages to take into account, including inexperience, errors made during installation, and a lack of warranty.

  • Employing a professional for tile installation can provide you peace of mind and guarantee a high-quality installation.

Tips for Reducing Costs

There are a few suggestions you can use to lower the price of tile installation.

  • You can save money by selecting a less expensive tile alternative, such ceramic.

  • Labor costs can be decreased by installing smaller tiles.

  • Preparing the area before installation, such as removing old flooring and fixing the subfloor, can also assist lower overall expenses.

  • Last but not least, investing in a proper installation by a pro can end up saving you money in the long term.


Knowing the price in advance will help you make an informed choice about tile installation, which can be a sizable investment in your home.

  • You may choose the ideal option for your demands and budget by taking into account the variables that determine tile installation costs, comprehending the cost breakdown for various types of tile, and contrasting DIY vs. professional installation rates.

  • Remember to use our installation cost-cutting advice and think about hiring a specialist for a high-quality installation.

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