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Firstly, Roof repair Experts repairing your damaged roof is much cheaper than completely replacing the roof. However, if there is extensive damage replacing the complete roof will last longer. If you require roof repairs do not hesitate to contact our company for a quote.  Secondly, the quality of our work is excellent!

Thirdly, our services cover all aspects of roof work including roof installation and repairs. We have excellent results in waterproofing of flat roofs and provide an extensive guarantee on the products used as well as the workmanship. Finally, we also repair ceilings, cornices facia boards, and barge boards.

A leaking roof can be quite a challenge for a homeowner sometimes the trusses and ceiling can also be damaged. You can call us for a quote and repairs. Fourthly, we are designers of roof trusses and have carpenters in our employ to complete the job.

With extensive experience in both residential roofing and commercial or industrial roofing, we have the skills and resources to meet the roofing demands of any sector.

Roof repair experts


For the cost of your roof being repaired, contact us for the best prices

The cost of roofing will depend on the size of the roof and the type of repairs required. The different types of roofing material on the roof will also affect the cost. Our company is known for their market-related prices.

We do offer discounts for charity companies. Discounts are also available to pensioners. From time to time, we offer specials on prices for waterproofing.

Regular maintenance of your roof and waterproofing will prevent huge expenses down the line.

Roof damage, caused by storms or any other event you can call us for an assessment and a quote. Your insurance can assist you with payment if you claim.

Roof repair experts