If you are looking for an end-to-end solution for your pool nightmares, you have come to the right place! Swimming Pool Renovation handles every job as a project, complete with assigning a project manager to your pool. Indeed, Speak to us about your pool renovation now!

Swimming Pool Renovation

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  2. Our team are experts to help build all kinds of pool
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  4. We will help you keep your pool clean
  5. Get your pool ready for the winter with affordable pool covers
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Get in touch if you are not sure what the problem is, we will gladly come out and do an obligation-free quote. Our team of expert specialists will assess your pool because we know every case is different. After our assessment is complete, we will then provide you with a quote.

Swimming Pool Renovaters

The cover will also include the more cost-effective options. Regardless of your choice of option, all our work is delivered with the highest quality!
Depending on the problem and depending on your choice of quotation, we will start the process by completely draining the pool. Only once the pool has been drained, can the repair process begin. Depending on the type of pool, we have a variety of different products which may be used, from plaster to a crack repair kit. However, in some instances, the pool water does not have to be drained for a repair to be done.

Free pool quote

Together with a quotation, you will be provided with a timeline estimation that will depict the estimated duration of repairs. Furthermore, our team of experts will consider weather conditions when estimating the timeline for the completion of the repairs.

pool quote

The majority of the time estimation comes in with the drying time that is needed to ensure the plaster has completely dried before we test the pool repairs.
Swimming Pool Renovation has lots of years of experience in the pool industry. No job is too big or too small for us to handle!

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