Thatch for roof, building a home, and building a roof.  Established in the early 2000’s we have successfully repaired and built thatch roofs.

Known for our reputable service by many happy customers.  We strive to complete every project with pride.  We are available and waiting for your call right now.

Our services assist you with any thatching needs you have.  Like, a general consultation.  For example, perhaps you need expert advice on the best roof for your home.  Let us help you design a strong roof with an attractive finish.

Alternatively, you may only need repairs, we are fully equipped to help with all thatching repairs.

Thatch for roof, building a home, and building a roof

Our services spread from residential homes to businesses and estates.

Contact and contract a team that is skillful and trustworthy.

Thatch for roof
thatch for roof

Specialist services in your area!

Specialists of thatch for roof service and supplies in Gauteng.

We are the leading service providers for Lapa thatching projects.  As well as delivering the best thatch products on the market.  Thatch roofs need to be refurbished every so often.  It is in your best interest to choose a notable company like us.

Presently we have references for hundreds of thatch building projects completed with success.  Our large client base always comes back to us when it is time to re-thatch a roof.

We guarantee our workmanship.  As all our skilled labourers are constantly trained.  Not only this but they are always on the top of their game.

Because of our years of experience, no job is too difficult for us.  For instance, if you need us to thatch a full estate of new homes we are the team you want.

We are always on the lookout for new ways to keep up to speed with trends and materials.

We value our customers and aim to keep our professional service at the top.

thatch for roof
thatch for roof


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