Tiler how much per day?

The tiler’s rate per day should be one of your top priorities when considering a home repair project that incorporates tiling. Budgeting for the project and avoiding surprises can both be made easier with knowledge of what to expect to pay. Tiler how much per day?

This post will cover how to identify a good tiler at a reasonable price as well as the variables that influence tiler pricing.

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Factors that Affect Tiler Rates

Tiler rates are affected by a number of variables, including the tiler’s experience and level of expertise. In general, more skilled tilers will bill more money.

  • Rates are also impacted by the nature and intricacy of the job, as some positions need specific knowledge or tools.

  • Rates are impacted by the site’s accessibility and location as tilers may have to travel further or operate in a more difficult setting.

  • The final factor that may influence pricing is the equipment and supplies needed for the job.

Average Tiler Rates Per Day

Typical tiler rates on a national and regional level might differ greatly.

  • The hourly costs range from R35 to R75, with the national average being around R50.

  • For various tile-related jobs, such as floor tiling, backsplash tiling, or bathroom tiling, prices may vary.

  • The level of experience of the tiler can also affect rates, with more experienced tilers typically charging a higher cost.

How to Find a Good Tiler and Negotiate Rates

Although finding a competent tiler might be difficult, there are a number of resources that can be used to your advantage.

  • You might consult friends and family who have had tile work done for recommendations.

  • Also, you can look for tilers online by using review sites or internet directories.

  • Once you’ve located possible tilers, request estimates from each and compare prices.

  • Be sure to take the tiler’s experience, the difficulty of the task, and any unique requirements into account when negotiating rates.


The complexity of the task, the location of the site, the tiler’s experience and expertise, and other factors can all have a considerable impact on the rates that a tiler charges per day.

  • You may select a reliable tiler at a reasonable price for your tiling project by being aware of these aspects and performing some research.

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