Firstly, order bitumen waterproofing for low prices from Waterproofing Centurion. If your roof needs a good coat of paint. It probably needs a waterproof solution as well. Now and then roof waterproofing is needed to support the roof structure. As weather damage does occur. So, if you have an old roof that needs fixing then you need waterproofing companies like us?

Waterproofing Centurion

Our workmanship is guaranteed. Moreover, all of our waterproofing contractors are certified, professionals. So, ask for the Torch on waterproofing solution. So, speak to our agents and find out about all our offers and specials.

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Secondly, get good waterproofing techniques with Waterproofing Centurion. With genuine products and smart workmanship. You can be assured our projects are completed correctly.

Like foundation waterproofing and wall waterproofing which both need special attention. These techniques need to last for years to come. So that your building remains damp-free. Some seasons in Gauteng are prone to heavier rain. Our waterproofing company has perfected the art of correct application.

We choose only the best waterproof paints. In a large number of colours, you can choose from. This and other preparation work hand-in-hand.

A professional waterproofing company

Additionally, roofs need extra protection. So, ask our agents about torch-on membrane waterproofing. Sika waterproofing is perfect for flat roof waterproofing.

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Proof it and paint it @ Waterproofing Centurion

Finally, Waterproofing Centurion proof it and paint it! So, speak to us now for low daily rates on hiring a painter. Perhaps you need a team for large projects. Well, that is no problem. We have a team of reliable professionals to get the job done.

Same-day Damp proofing

Additionally, our team is qualified to help get your residence or office looking new and fresh again. So, call us now for our special offers and deals. Plus, find out more about the other services we offer like:

• Same-day Damp proofing
• Quality roof coating
• We do all Wall coating
• Roof damaged? We offer Roof repair
• Supply, Install and repair PVC ceilings