Firstly, moisture is the enemy of any structure. If you have seen moisture in the form of spots on your house’s ceiling. It is time to take corrective action quickly. Welcome to Waterproofing Contractors website, the place to find your waterproofing solutions for homes and commercial establishments in South Africa.

Waterproofing Contractors

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No matter the moisture issues in your home or commercial establishment. Damp proofing specialists know how to create a barrier between the field source of moisture and your home. Waterproofing Contractors has a customized and cost-effective solution. To bring complete peace of mind to you.

Damp proofing walls   to make them dry and beautiful

Secondly, living amid damp walls can be a very irritating experience. Moisture leads to mould and other health issues over some time. However, you can relax and breathe easy once you hire Waterproofing Contractors’ services, the true damp proof specialists.

Contractor Waterproofing

Furthermore, being in this business for many years. The masons and engineers in our team find out the root cause of the moisture source. They then provide a waterproofing solution that stops moisture issues in the client’s property for a long time to come. If the moisture is seeping in from the roof. The solution lies in either roof coating or roof repairs after carrying out ceiling repairs.
So, at Waterproofing Contractors, we have roofing experts with complete knowledge about roof repairs. They will carry out repairs wherever necessary to ensure that water does not find its way onto the ceiling in the future.

Damp coursing with a damp proof membrane

Thirdly, it is very difficult to stop rising damp if the moisture is persistent. And the home of the client is constructed close to a water body. However, our waterproofing specialists have successfully stopped rising damp by using damp coursing. In this technique, a damp-proof membrane is placed on the surface to erect a moisture barrier. At Waterproofing Contractors, our engineers have successfully provided customized solutions to prevent moisture on our clients’ walls and ceilings.

Permanent solution through damp proof coursing

Finally, damp-proof coursing takes different forms depending upon the structure and the severity of the problem. The engineers at Waterproofing Contractors can’t get rid of the water body or the moisture coming from beneath the surface near the foundation. But it is certainly possible to erect a barrier in the shape of polyurethane. To prevent moisture from affecting the structure.
Waterproofing Contractors provides high-quality construction services to its customers. We also carry out drywall, flooring, and painter services to them.


There are many rising damp solutions up the sleeve of our waterproofing experts, and the damp-proof membrane is one of them. Rising damp is primarily a result of either improper drainage or insufficient insulation. It results in spots on the walls as water collects behind the plaster. Ignoring the problem of moisture for some time makes it worse, and you have to spend a lot of money on rising damp treatment.