What is the average repair cost of a dryer? 

What is the average repair cost of a dryer

Both homeowners and renters should be aware of how much a dryer typically costs to repair. What is the average repair cost of a dryer?

You can plan for unforeseen costs and make educated choices about whether to repair or replace your dryer. 

In this post, we’ll look at the variables that determine dryer repair costs, the typical dryer repairs and their associated expenses, and advice for performing preventative maintenance to lower dryer repair costs. 

Factors that Affect Dryer Repair Costs 

Factors that Affect Dryer Repair Costs

The type of dryer is one of the primary variables that impacts dryer repair costs.  

  • The intricacy of the internal mechanisms in gas dryers makes repairs more expensive than those for electric dryers.  
  • Another consideration is the dryer’s age.
  • A dryer that is older is more likely to require maintenance and replacement parts, which could increase the price.  
  • Another element is how serious the problem is.
  • The cost of repairing a minor problem, like a clogged vent, will be cheaper than a large problem, such a damaged drum bearing.  
  • The dryer’s make and model can also influence repair costs.
  • In comparison to other brands and models, some are renowned for being more dependable and less expensive to repair. 
  • Repair prices are also influenced by location and cost of living.  

Common Dryer Repairs and Their Costs 

Common Dryer Repairs and Their Costs

The price of common dryer repairs can differ based on the kind and brand of dryer.  

  • Usually, a new belt costs between R400 and R1500.
  • Between R1500 and R4500 may be required to replace a drum bearing.  
  • Costs for new motors can run from R1500 to R4000.  
  • Gas dryer igniter replacement can range from R500 to R2000.
  • Replacement thermostats might cost anything from R200 to R900.  

It’s crucial to remember that these prices are approximations and will change based on the precise make and model of your dryer. 

Preventative Maintenance to Reduce Dryer Repair Costs 

Preventative Maintenance to Reduce Dryer Repair Costs

To lower dryer repair expenses, preventative maintenance is essential.

To keep your dryer in good working order and prevent the need for expensive repairs: 

  • Keep it clean frequently 
  • Check for worn parts 
  • Replace them before they break 
  • Schedule routine professional maintenance
  • Always troubleshoot & diagnose problems.


In conclusion, it’s critical to comprehend the typical dryer repair cost in order to budget for repairs and make wise choices.  

  • Repair charges can vary depending on the brand, region, age, kind, and severity of the problem with the dryer.  
  • A few hundred Rands to over R4500 can be spent on typical dryer repairs such drum bearing and belt replacement.  
  • To lower dryer repair expenses and increase the lifespan of your dryer, preventative maintenance is essential. 

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