What is the most common cause of appliance failure?

They play a vital role in our everyday life when it comes to home appliances. They improve the comfort, effectiveness, and convenience of our lives. But, it may be annoying and expensive when they abruptly stop working. What is the most common cause of appliance failure?

We’ll talk about the main reason why appliances break down in this post, along with some prevention advice.

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The Most Common Cause of Appliance Failure

Lack of maintenance is the major reason for appliance failure.

  • Regular maintenance is necessary for appliances to operate properly, and skipping this important chore might cause them to break down too soon.
  • Consumer Reports found that the leading reason for 30% of appliance failures within the first five years of usage was improper maintenance.
  • Failure to maintain appliances results in wear and tear and failures. For instance, a blocked dryer vent might result in the heating element overheating and breaking, costing money to fix. Similarly to this, a filthy refrigerator condenser can overwork the compressor and cause early failure.
  • Also, leaving appliances unmaintained puts you in danger. For example, a blocked dryer vent may potentially provide a fire risk. On the other hand, a filthy stove may result in gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Causes of Appliance Failure

Age, improper use, and subpar installation are additional typical reasons for appliance failure.

  • Appliances are more prone to break down as they age, especially if they aren’t properly maintained.
  • Premature failure can also result from misuse, such as overloading a washer or using the incorrect detergent.
  • Last but not least, shoddy installation might result in issues like electrical or water leakage.

Preventing Appliance Failure

Regular maintenance is the first step in preventing appliance failure.

  • It is critical to read the owner’s handbook and adhere to the suggested maintenance regimen. For instance, you might want to replace the air filter in your air conditioner, clean the lint trap in your dryer, or inspect the refrigerator door seals.
  • Proper upkeep may make appliances work more effectively, use less energy, and avoid expensive repairs.
  • Furthermore, it’s essential to troubleshoot and identify any problems as soon as they appear. Don’t disregard weird sounds, peculiar odors, or malfunctions. Promptly addressing the situation can avoid more serious issues in the future.


In conclusion, poor maintenance is the major reason why appliances break down.

  • Regular maintenance neglect can result in early failure, expensive repairs, and significant safety risks.
  • You may increase the longevity of your appliances, save money, and maintain the security of your home by adhering to the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance plan and diagnosing any issues as soon as they appear.

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