What shortens the life of a fridge?

What shortens the life of a fridge

Fridges have a certain lifespan just like any other appliance. What shortens the life of a fridge?

  • Homeowners may extend the life of their appliances and ultimately save money.

This article will examine the reasons of fridge shortages and offer maintenance and prevention advice to help your fridge last longer.

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Causes to shorten a Fridge lifespan

Causes to shorten a Fridge lifespan

Overstocking the fridge with food is one of the primary reasons of fridge shortages.

  • A fridge’s ability to maintain the proper temperature is hampered when it is overloaded with food, which can put stress on the compressor and other parts.
  • The fridge’s lifespan may be shortened as a result.
  • Make sure to clean out and organize the inside of your fridge and refrain from filling it up with too much food to prevent this.

Another element that might reduce a fridge’s lifespan is improper cleaning and upkeep.

  • To keep the fridge operating effectively, the coils in the back or bottom need to be frequently cleaned and dusted.
  • On the coils, dust and debris can accumulate and obstruct airflow, which can lead to the compressor overheating and failing.
  • Make sure to periodically dust and clean your fridge’s coils to avoid this.

fridge's longevity

Your fridge’s longevity may also be influenced by where it is placed.

  • The compressor and other parts may experience stress if your fridge is situated in an environment with excessive heat or humidity.
  • Keep in mind to keep your fridge in a cool, dry area to avoid this.

A fridge’s lifespan can also be shortened by power outages and voltage changes.

  • The compressor and other parts of your fridge may get damaged if the power supply is unstable.
  • Make sure your fridge has a steady power supply and voltage to avoid this.

The lifespan of the fridge might also be shortened by using it on an uneven surface.

  • The compressor may have to work harder if the fridge isn’t level, and leaks may also result.
  • Make sure the fridge is leveled on a stable, level surface to avoid this.

Conclusion on “What shortens the life of a fridge?”

fridge's lifespan

In conclusion, with the right care and maintenance, a fridge’s lifespan can be increased.

Some of the key actions to take to extend the life of your fridge include:

  • Routinely cleaning and dusting the coils
  • Organizing and decluttering the interior
  • Avoiding overloading the fridge with food
  • Keeping the fridge in a cool, dry place
  • Ensuring stable voltage and power supply
  • Making sure the fridge is leveled on a solid and even surface

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