What surfaces can you not tile on?

Knowing which surfaces may and cannot be tiled on is essential when it comes to tiling a surface. Cracked tiles, uneven surfaces, and even water damage might result from tiling on inappropriate surfaces. What surfaces can you not tile on?

This comprehensive guide will cover the surfaces that cannot be tiled on, the reasons why they are inappropriate, and possible alternatives.

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Surfaces that Cannot be Tiled on

Some surfaces, such as wallpaper, painted surfaces, untreated wood, and uneven surfaces, are not appropriate for tiling.

  • Wallpaper and painted surfaces are too smooth and cannot provide a suitable adhesive surface for the tile to cling to.

  • Untreated wood is porous and will absorb moisture, causing the tiles to loosen and eventually crack.

  • Uneven surfaces won’t give the tiles a flat surface to lay on, which will cause them to fracture and break.

Surface Preparation

It is essential to guarantee thorough surface preparation before tiling any surface.

  • This entails carefully cleaning the surface and making sure it is level and flat.

  • A self-leveling compound must be used to level an uneven surface.

  • Before tiling can start, the surface must be scrubbed of any paint or wallpaper to reveal its natural surface.

Alternative Options for Non-Tileable Surfaces

If a surface is unsuitable for tiling, there are other options to take into account.

  • Consider removing the wallpaper and adding a tileable backer board, for instance, if you want a tiled backsplash but the wall is wallpapered.

  • Consider utilizing vinyl or laminate flooring that resembles tiles instead if your surface is untreated wood.

Conclusion on “What surfaces can you not tile on?”

In conclusion, tiling on inappropriate surfaces can have negative effects. Knowing which surfaces cannot be tiled on and correctly prepping the surface before tiling are essential to a successful tiling project.

  • There are other things to think about if the surface is not suited for tiling.

  • By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to achieve a beautiful and long-lasting tiled surface.

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