What type of tile is best for shower walls?

The shower is a high-traffic area in any bathroom, and the walls need to endure continual exposure to moisture and humidity. What type of tile is best for shower walls?

This article will examine the many shower wall tile kinds, their benefits, and drawbacks, and eventually, recommend the best tile for your shower walls.

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Porcelain Tiles

A dense, fine-grained ceramic that has been fired at a high temperature is used to make porcelain tiles. They are renowned for their sturdiness and moisture resistance.

  • Porcelain tiles are incredibly long-lasting, require little upkeep, and are available in a variety of hues and patterns.

  • They are also immune to stains and mildew growth.

  • In addition to being more expensive than other varieties of tiles, porcelain tiles can be challenging to cut and install.

Ceramic Tiles

  • Ceramic tiles are created from clay that has been burned at a lower temperature than porcelain.

  • They are adaptable and are available in a range of sizes, hues, and surface treatments.

  • Ceramic tiles come in a variety of styles, are inexpensive, and are simple to install. They are also simple to maintain and clean.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are made of thin pieces of glass that are molded into various shapes and sizes.

  • They may produce a beautiful visual effect and are available in a range of hues and textures.

  • Due to their lack of pores, glass tiles are resistant to stains and mildew. They can give your shower a distinctive and attractive aesthetic and are simple to clean and maintain.

  • The installation of glass tiles can be difficult and expensive.

  • They could also be prone to breaking and scratching.

Stone Tiles

Natural stones like marble, granite, or travertine are used to make stone tiles.

  • They are strong and have a range of textures and hues.

  • With the right maintenance, stone tiles can last for decades.

  • They can also give your shower an opulent and classy appearance.

  • Stone tiles can be pricey, bulky, and challenging to install. To avoid stains and water damage, they must also be sealed on a regular basis.

Conclusion on “What type of tile is best for shower walls?”

In conclusion, there are many different tile kinds available for shower walls, including porcelain, ceramic, glass, and stone.

  • Each type of tile has benefits and drawbacks.

  • We advise porcelain tiles for shower walls because they are resilient, long-lasting, and require little upkeep.

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