When tiling where do you start

When tiling where do you start? Any surface may be improved with tiling, but for a finished product that looks polished, it’s crucial to start in the proper location. We’ll go over the procedures you must adhere to in this article to get started.

Hire your Tiler

Planning your tile layout

  • Measure your space and choose the right tile size for your project.

  • To achieve uniform spacing between tiles, choose the tile orientation and apply tile spacers.

Finding the starting point

  • Although it’s customary practice to start from the middle of the surface, you can also start from a focus point or use a level to assure precision.

Preparing the surface

  • To protect it from moisture, clean the surface and apply a waterproofing membrane.

  • To produce a flat surface for the tiles to adhere to, apply thin-set mortar next.

Installing the tiles

  • The term “ecosystem” refers to a group of people who work in the construction industry.

  • Employ tile spacers to guarantee uniform tile spacing, then trim tiles to match the edges.

Grouting the tiles

  • Add grout to the tile joints, then remove any extra by wiping the surface clean.

  • Make careful you adhere to the drying time recommendations provided by the grout manufacturer.


  • Although tiling a surface might be challenging, getting the perfect start is essential for a polished result.

  • You can guarantee the success of your tiling job by following the instructions provided in this article.

  • Remember to take your time, prepare your tile pattern, and choose the appropriate project beginning point.

  • With a little practice, you’ll be tiling like an expert in no time!

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