Where is fridge reset button?

Where is fridge reset button

In the event that the fridge control system malfunctions, a little button or switch called a “fridge reset button” is used to restart it. It can assist in resolving frequent problems like temperature control issues and odd noises. Where is fridge reset button?

We’ll go through typical fridge reset button locations in this article, along with detailed instructions on how to locate and use it.

Common locations of the fridge reset button

Common locations of the fridge reset button

Depending on the brand and model of your fridge, the fridge reset button may be situated in a number of locations.

The following locations are some of the most typical:

  • Reset buttons are frequently seen on the control panel of fridges, typically close to the temperature settings.
  • Usually, the word “reset” or “test” is written on this button.
  • Located behind the fridge, typically close to the compressor, some refrigerators contain a reset button
  • A small control box often houses this button.
  • Reset buttons can be found within some fridges, usually near the top of the back wall.
  • Usually, the word “reset” or “test” is written on this button.

If you’re having trouble finding your refrigerator’s reset button, look in the user manual.

  • How to identify the reset button and perform a reset should be covered in great depth in the manual.

How to reset your fridge?

How to reset your fridge

Resetting your fridge is a straightforward procedure after you’ve found the reset button.

You should take the following actions:

  • On your fridge, find the reset button.
  • Reset button pressed and held for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Reset the fridge, then release the button and wait for it to finish.
  • To verify the refrigerator is operating properly, check the control panel.

Troubleshooting Advice

There are a few things you can do if the refrigerator’s reset button is not functioning or if it still isn’t functioning properly after being reset:

  • Examine the power source: Make certain the outlet is functional and the refrigerator is plugged in.
  • Look over the temperature settings: Ascertain that the refrigerator’s temperature settings are proper.
  • The air vents on the fridge should not be obstructed by food or other objects.
  • Inquire with the supplier:

After attempting these troubleshooting steps, if your fridge is still malfunctioning, get in touch with the manufacturer for more help.


In the event that you are unable to find the reset button on your refrigerator, keep in mind to consult the user manual and get in touch with the maker if you require additional help.