Why is my tumble dryer drum not turning? 

Why is my tumble dryer drum not turning

A non-turning tumble dryer drum can be a typical issue. Why is my tumble dryer drum not turning?  

  • In this article, we’ll go through the typical reasons why a tumble dryer drum won’t turn, how to identify the issue, and how to resolve it.

We’ll also offer advice on how to avoid similar issues in the future and when to consult a pro. 

Causes of a Tumble Dryer Not Turning 

Causes of a Tumble Dryer Drum Not Turning

  • A damaged belt or a malfunctioning idler pulley are two of the most frequent reasons for a tumble dryer drum not turning.
  • The drum cannot turn if these parts are worn out or damaged because they are what turns the drum.  
  • The motor of the tumble dryer or a blocked vent are two additional potential causes of the drum not turning.
  • The drum’s proper rotation may also be hampered by these problems.

How to Diagnose the Issue 

How to Diagnose the Issue

Start by looking for wear or damage on the belt and pulley to identify the issue.  

  • It will be necessary to repair the pulley or the belt if they are worn out or damaged.  
  • Next, look for any problems with the motor and vent.
  • The drum may not be able to turn if the motor is malfunctioning or the vent is blocked.

How to address the issue 

How to address the issue

If the pulley or belt is the issue, fixing it is straightforward.  

  • Change the pulley or belt with a fresh one.  
  • However, it can take a little more effort if the issue is a broken motor or a blocked vent.  
  • You will need to hire an expert to fix or replace a broken motor.  
  • It’s recommended to hire a contractor to take care of this task because cleaning a blocked vent can be challenging as well.

Avoiding Future Issues 

Avoiding Future Issues

It’s critical to properly maintain your tumble dryer to avoid future issues.  

  • Maintaining the dryer’s functionality and preventing clogs can both be achieved by routinely cleaning the lint filter and vent.  
  • A professional inspection and servicing of your tumble dryer on a regular basis is also an excellent idea.


Despite being an annoying issue, a tumble dryer drum not turning may frequently be resolved with some troubleshooting.  

  • Common causes include a defective motor, a busted belt or idler pulley, or a clogged vent. 
  • It’s preferable to contact a professional if you’re uncomfortable troubleshooting if the issue continues.  
  • To avoid future issues, always remember to properly maintain your clothes dryer.  

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