Why should you twist the tile a little when installing

For a durable and appealing floor, proper tile installation is essential. Why should you twist the tile a little when installing is a method that is frequently disregarded yet has a significant impact on the installation’s quality. The advantages of twisting tiles during installation will be discussed in this article, along with detailed instructions on how to do so.

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Better Adhesion

  • Twisting the tile makes a tighter bond with the substrate, which might increase the installation’s overall durability.
  • Without adequate adhesion, tiles may shift or even come loose over time, which can cause a variety of issues.
  • During installation, you can make sure that each tile is firmly bound to the substrate and will stay in place for many years by slightly twisting each tile.

Leveling and Alignment

  • Twisting the tile can help make up for any substrate irregularities, resulting in a level and visually acceptable installation.

  • Tiles that aren’t leveled properly can provide a trip risk and can make cleaning more difficult.

  • You can aid ensure a more level and even installation by twisting each tile.

Reduced Lippage

  • Heavy lippage can be dangerous since it can make it difficult to thoroughly clean the floor and create trip hazards.

  • During installation, you can lessen the chance of lippage and provide a smoother, more equal floor surface by slightly twisting each tile.

How to Twist Tiles

  • Set the tile down on the foundation.

  • Apply light pressure to the tile with your foot.

  • By retaining pressure, slightly rotate the tile in a circular manner.

  • Continue to twist the tile until it feels secure and level with the adjacent tiles.

  • Continue this procedure for each tile until the installation is finished.

  • It’s vital to remember that you shouldn’t twist the tile too tightly because doing so could lead to cracking or other issues.

  • Use light pressure and progressively twist until you obtain the required level of adhesion and leveling.


  • During installation, you can get better adhesion, leveling, and less lippage by slightly bending the tiles.

  • To ensure a durable and attractive finished product, use this strategy when planning a tile installation.

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