Wifi installations will be installed right the first time. If you are looking for a trusted and affordable Wifi and dstv installations speak to us! It is important to understand the cost involved with your installations.

Furthermore, if you do not have an existing connection, you can check with the service provider you have chosen. Remember to contact us to see if we can improve on your quote.

Indeed, several companies include the cost of a Wifi installation in the contract.

Let us set up your Wifi installations

If your property is not connected to a fibre company you will require a connection to your property, this will happen from the hub that is on the street to the outside of your house.

Firstly, some fibre companies will allow you 30 meters of cable from the actual outside connection for free. To summarize, there are two companies involved firstly the company laying and connecting the fibre cable to your house.

Secondly the company that connects you to the router inside your house and your actual service provider.

Indeed, you will have two boxes. One that links the fibre to your router and your actual ONT or CPT box. Lastly, the box is included in your installation, which is the little black or white box supplied with the installation the Wi-Fi signal is transmitted from this box.

Wifi installations

Let us set up your Wifi Network @ your home or business premises. 

Wifi installations are done by our professional team. If you are moving you are going to need the fibre ONT or CPT box (which is the little black or white box) that connects you to your router. The box is included in your installation.

To sum up, when you move do not take this with you, it is part of the installation. Although should you find yourself in the position of having moved in and find this box missing, you could try your luck and ask your ISP to deliver another at no cost.

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Wifi installations