We understand how important a borehole is and the frustration that comes along when your borehole breaks, therefore Borehole drilling Johannesburg provides the service of repairing the broken borehole as swiftly as we can. This ensures that the borehole is no longer a headache for you!

Borehole drilling Johannesburg

Same Day Borehole Drilling @ Borehole drilling Johannesburg

Borehole Pump Repairs

Along with repairing your borehole, Borehole drilling Johannesburg can also repair your borehole pumps and we accommodate all brands. We will make sure to repair your pump and reinstall it-if needed, with the utmost care.

Borehole drilling in Johannesburg

Affordable Borehole Pump Prices

We make sure to have the best prices in the market, specifically catering to the area and seeing what prices our competitors charge so that we can make the best price for our customers to ensure the value of money for them.

Borehole Pumps for Sale @ Borehole drilling Johannesburg

Along with repairing borehole pumps, Borehole drilling Johannesburg also sells pumps of multiple brands at the best possible price. This is a great additional service, as you can get a brand-new borehole pump if you do not have one, or if your old borehole pump can’t be fixed.

Borehole Pump Installation

If you need someone to install your borehole pump, you don’t need to search any further! We also take the time to install borehole pumps for our customers and we make sure that all these installations are done in the most professional way, by employees that are trained to do so.

Johannesburg Borehole drilling

Pumps We Have on Offer
Submersible borehole pumps

These pumps must always be submerged underwater because if it does get dry, it can damage the motor of the pump.

Franklin borehole pumps

We also supply the brand, Franklin- which makes high-quality pumps that can be submerged in water and have an amazing track record!

Borehole water pumps for sale

Borehole drilling Johannesburg has a wide variety of pumps for sale, with prices varying with what suits the customer.

Dab borehole pumps

Dab is another brand use and they strive on water technology with a wide variety of pumps.

1.1kw borehole pump

These pumps are ideal because of their 1.1 kilowatts to give your pump just the right amount of energy that it needs.

Hurricane borehole pumps

We sell Hurricane Pumps that has a massive number of pumps and accessories for our customers.

Borehole Mono Pumps

These pumps have been used in villages and for farmers for many decades and consist of multiple models for sale.

Other services that we offer

  1. Irrigation- Supplying water chambers with tubes and pumps
  2. Landscaping- Altering the appearance of a landscape by adding design elements
  3. Pool Pumps- Filtration systems to keep your pool bright and shiny
  4. Irrigation Pumps- Pumps to allow water to flow through water channels
  5. Water pumps- To help move water pressure from one point to another