Cheap Tar Driveways

Every home needs a driveway for easy, beautiful access. Tar driveways are popular with budget-minded homeowners. This page discusses tar driveways, their benefits, types, cost, upkeep, and installation. Cheap Tar Driveways.

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Benefits of Tar Driveways

Tar driveways provide many benefits.

  • First, they’re affordable, so budget-conscious homeowners like them.
  • Tar driveways can last 20 years with proper upkeep.
  • Tar driveways are also low-maintenance.
  • They can be customized to match your home’s exterior, adding curb appeal.
  • Finally, repurposed tar driveways are environmentally friendly.

Types of Tar Driveways

Standard, colorful, tar and chip, and porous tar driveways are the four main styles.

  • Most driveways are black or dark grey tar driveways.
  • Red, green, and blue tar driveways provide homeowners more design possibilities.
  • Tar and chip driveways are inexpensive and rustic.
  • Porous tar driveways drain water, preventing runoff and erosion.

Cost of Tar Driveways

The size, kind, and cost of labor in your area determine the cost of a tar driveway.

  • Tar driveways cost less than others.
  • Tar driveways cost R20 to R50 per square foot, including supplies and labor.
  • Concrete and asphalt cost R40–100 per square foot, but this is far cheaper.

Maintenance of Tar Driveways

Keep your tar driveway clean to maintain it.

  • Sweeping and cleaning can prevent dirt and leaves from staining the surface.
  • Filling cracks and potholes prevents them from growing.
  • Resurfacing and resealing your asphalt driveway every few years helps maintain its beauty and durability.
  • To ensure proper tar driveway maintenance, hire an expert.

DIY Tar Driveway Installation

You can install a tar driveway yourself if you’re adept with tools and DIY.

  • To succeed, you must research and install properly.
  • Installation entails prepping the ground, spreading a foundation layer, applying tar, and rolling it out.
  • DIY tar driveway installation can save money, but if you’re not confident, call a specialist.

Hiring a Professional Tar Driveway Contractor

Hiring a professional tar driveway contractor is the best method to ensure a quality installation.

  • Check references, get cost estimates, and read the contract before hiring a contractor.
  • Hiring a skilled contractor ensures that your driveway will be completed properly and last for years.


In conclusion, a tar driveway is affordable, durable, and personalized. Tar driveways come in many colors and shapes. Tar driveways are cheaper than concrete or asphalt, depending on numerous criteria.

  • A well-maintained tar driveway is essential. Cleaning, sweeping, fixing cracks and potholes, and resurfacing and resealing every few years might extend its longevity. To ensure proper tar driveway maintenance, hire an expert.
  • Finally, you can install a tar driveway yourself or hire an expert. DIY installation can save money, but it requires proper installation and the right tools. Hiring a skilled contractor ensures that your driveway will be completed properly and last for years.

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